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Princess Of Guildenstar (Elizabeth Dain)
ELizabeth was forced in an engaged marriage to Lord Cliffton's son. She learned so on her 14th birthday along with a newly coming war. Unwilling to accept her fate, she eventually will run away from home (hasn't happened yet).

Lord Of Guildenstar (Lord Cliffton)
Lord Cliffton, not a villain, yet also not the hero. He is looked up on as the highest member in society of Guildenstar. Despised by ELizabeth especially, he will do anything in his power to find her and marry her off so he can remain high and noble. Stern and powerful, he sets restrictions on ELizabeth.

Lord Cliffton's son
He is an ignorant brat who is years and years older than Elizabeth yet still in his twenties. He is in love with ELizabeth and is looking forward to being wed with her, and has no idea she's run away.

Queen Of Guildenstar
Elizabeth's mother who goes to Lord Cliffton for advice. SHe reigns alongside her husband well.

King Of Guildenstar
ELizabeth's stern father, though he rules with pride and superiority.

Heir Prince Of Guildenstar
Elizabeth's eldest brother

Youngest Prince Of Guildenstar
Elizabeth's younger brother

Middle Prince of Guildenstar
Can be either older or younger than Elizabeth

Princess Of The White Knights
Princess Of The White Knights
Princess Of The White Knights
Prince Of The White Knights
Prince Of The White Knights
Prince Of The White Knights
King Of The White Knights
Queen Of The White Knights
Lord Of The White Knights
Lord Of The White Knights

All people of a high status in the Land of the WHite knights. You choose whether they side with ELizabeth and help her avoid the marriage, or do they plan to send Guildenstar falling down?

Ben Salas
Born to a peasant family, Ben is only a year or two older than ELizabeth, although he knows her as Corinne. He has no idea she's the princess, and has 'feelings' for her, as she does him. He's brave and can sometimes be a little overconfident, but will he be able to take the blow when she tells him who she really is, or wil it sever their bond of friendship... possibly forever?

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You don't really have anything for the Neutral faction in terms of official leadership. Perhaps something should be established for that? In your backstory topic, you state that "...humans will begin the conflict and end the conflict...". Perhaps a Neutral Human should be the one to end it?

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