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Hey guys and gals! First, thanks for joining this group. I hope you can get something from the discussions and from the contacts you gain from being a part of it.

Second, I'm working on several more discussions for Facebook, Linked-In, YouTube, Goodreads, and others. ANYONE who has information about these social media sites and how they use them to promote their work is encouraged to add or start a new discussion!! I'll get up some more good stuff this weekend.

Thanks so much,


message 2: by Ana (new)

Ana | 1 comments Thanks for the invite to your group, Chris. I have so far enjoyed the posted blogs! As an avid reader and self-proclaimed social media site addict, I may have a little bit of useful information when it comes to promoting and utilizing a variety of pages. :) The only thing I cannot find myself to use is Twitter... So I have no suggestions for you there.

I am going to elaborate a little for those who are already socially inclined, because we all forget.

1. I have found it abundantly important to be consistent with the amount of updates/statuses posted. If you aren't communicating with your fans/clients/persons of interest, the "out-of-sight-out-of-mind" cliche comes into play. If I want to continue to attract new people, I post at minimum twice a week.

2. Combine some sort of catchy and witty comments within your statuses. If you can connect to the reader, they are going to want to connect back with you. Their interest will attract others. The statuses that get the most attention for me are ones where I proclaim, "today might be an ordinary day, but I'm daydreaming about going snowshoeing with Santa Claus."
Who doesn't have something smart to say about that?!

3. There was a post you mentioned (about Facebook?) and not being too personal with what you post. This is SO true. Lighthearted and humorous posts will attract and interest your readers whereas heavy hearted posts will not. When one feels involved, they will chatter to others about it. That gets the ball rolling!

4. -Games-
No, we are not kids anymore, but fun riddles or games that have a fun gift-giving clause may bring new eyes upon your words.

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This is very impressive and a great reminder about using social media tools to our advantage. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more posts!

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