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Be a human charrie.
There are different ranks:
Worker/ You pick the job - blacksmith...
Servant/Palace Maid
Warrior (anyone can be that on the battleground but these are king's warriors)
Dungeon keeper - Either boss or jailer
Prince - Limited to 3
Princess- Limited to 3
King- Limited to 1
Queen- Limited to 1
Palace Lord- Limited to 2


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@ Tanzeel yea up to you.

Here's the outline:

First Name:

Last Name:



Personality: Please Make it at least 10 sentences.

< IMG SRC= picture link / >

Distinguished Markings (If any):

Backstory: Please make it at least 10 sentences





Relationship Status


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white knight prince

First Name: Ithuriel
middle Name: Smith
last name: Blackwood
Age: 19
Gender: male
Personality: ill tempered but calms down
vry easily can do anything for the people
close to him,intelligent have immense
medical knowledge and a distinguish
Appearance: fair skin athletic personality

Hair: light brown short hair
Eyes: green eyes
Weight: 65 kg
Height: 5 foot 8 inch
Distinguished Markings: a cut on the
Backstory: lost mother at an early age and
keeps himself busy in books hardly makes
friends in his life
Weakness forgive easily and got emotional
Strengths: determined and can do anything
for loved ones
hand to hand combat
horse riding
Family: father with two siblings
Sexuality: straight
Relationship Status haves a crush on a girl
from years

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Full Name: Cassandra Felicity Della Blackwood
{ Nickname } Cass; Cassie

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Rank: Youngest Princess of the White Knights

Personality: Cassandra has a knack for good judgement in other's personalities. Though she's serious, she would make a great friend. If she had one, that is. Because a sibling and a servant is not enough. She's known for her strong-willed personality and dependability. Her parents will turn to her for certain tasks that need to be done because she's reliable and goal oriented. When she's given something she won't stop until it's finished. Cass is very determined, hardworking, and self-confident. What, is there a problem with her self-confidence? She's knows what she has and she's confident about it, but it doesn't mean she'll flaunt it either.

She has a naturally caring personality, and loves people. She loves excitement which shines through with her bubbly personality, but, being a social butterfly isn't what she was meant to be apparently. Her goal to live life to its fullest could never seem to reach her, and no matter how outgoing she was it wouldn't change the fact that she's trapped in a tower so to speak. Her parents have strict rules, her being the youngest daughter and all. She loves to express herself, whether it be through art, writing, singing, or talking. Despite her home situation she always has a positive, upbeat attitude, though she does long for adventure, freedom, and most of all love.


Description: Cassandra is much more toned than her sisters, due to the hours upon hours that she spends riding her bay-colored mare, Tempest Spirit. Her skin is a light tan from the hours in the sun every day, and her wavy, long chestnut red hair shines with golden flecks of sunlight under the luminescent. Her eyes shine a luminous blue, flashing an ice cold blue when angry, and a peppy sky color when happy. Which is almost all the time.

Hair: Reddish brown
Eyes: Bright blue
Weight: 120lbs
Height: 5'6"

Distinguished Markings (If any): Cassie has a long pinkish, raised scar from her the middle of her forearm to her elbow on her right side, due to a bad accident she had in her early years of riding. Also, she's acquired an inch long gash on her left calf due to an injury while helping one of her brothers with an easy task.

Backstory: When she was a little girl, Cassandra was always getting herself into trouble with her adventurous antics. Often times she was scolded, but nothing more. After all, she was a spoiled princess. When she got her first horse, she was overjoyed. She rode him every chance she could get. When he died, nothing could appease her until she had another 'love,' and there came Tempest Spirit. She had gotten several injuries from riding Tempest, due to her wild behavior, and she has a few awful scars to prove it. In general, Cassandra has led a rather boring and carefree life. She's still currently searching for adventure outside of her stories. Cassandra has never been particularly fond of being called a princess, and there were several times she was called out for being 'unladylike.' She loved to make friends with her servants, treating them as her equal instead of her slaves, so even now she is loved by the staff in the castle, as well as the rest of her family.

~Happy fun-loving nature (sometimes she can be too trusting on the occasion where she judges someone's character poorly)
~Family (she would do anything for them, including sacrificing herself to save them)
~Easy to forgive others
~Adventure (if it is ever mentioned she is just itching to go, and will often beg to go, though she is often turned down much to her disappointment)
~Love (often proclaimed a romantic, her dreams and cautions are thrown to the wind where she hopes to follow someday, wishing for her own fairytale)

~Judgement of other's character
~Anything creative (drawing, singing, writing)
~Horseback riding (always been one of her favorite things to do because she feels she can be free for a short time)
~Language and Intellect (Cassandra is a very intelligent individual, often utilizing her abilities for speaking multiple languages to read messages from other lands that her parents cannot read)

Family: The Blackwoods (Royals)
~The King: TBD (?)
~The Queen: TBD (?)
~Brother: Ithuriel Smith Blackwood (19)
~Brother: Gabriel Blackwood (19)
~Brother: TBD (?)
~Sister: Adelaide Elizabeth Blackwood (18)
~Sister: Emmeline Blackwood (?)
~Her: Cassandra Felicity Blackwood (16)
~Adopted Sister: Evangeline Briggins (19)
~Adopted Sister/Ward: Morgana Blackwood (18)

Sexuality: Heterosexual (Straight)

Relationship Status: Single (later on she starts to take a fancy to Darby Sterling Keaton without understanding her stay away from him because the feeling is mutual!)

Other: She is the youngest daughter of the White Knight Royal Family.
Also, she can speak several different languages fluently such as:
~Fae (Faerie)
~Latin (if they have this language)

Her horse, Tempest Spirit: Tempest is actually a cream color, unlike the white horse in the first picture, but matches closer to the color of the sand.

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Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) First Name: Gabriel

Last Name: Blackwood

Age: 19

Gender: Male


Gabriel has a very angelic appearance and it doesn't help that he was named after the angel Gabriel. It is easy to think that this man wouldn't know what debauchery means. Not that he did anything close to home. That is why he is very fond of traveling and often disappeared for long periods of time.

Since he was young, he's been using his looks to get ahead. It is a small revenge because when he was young he was often teased for looking like a girl. He smiles a lot and can be very flirty towards all women, especially married women. He usually has a reason for doing it though.

He is a playboy and manipulator, but he is loyal to a fault to a small handful.


Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Green
Weight: 70kg
Height: 6'0"
Distinguished Markings (If any): A diagonal scar on his back. A gift from one of the women he enraged in his travels.


Gabriel was the third son and had never thought he had any hope of acquiring the throne. However, he wanted to be useful so since he was sixteen he's played the role of the carnal prince for information. Since he is young, innocent-looking and beautiful, he was the perfect bait. He's lost count how many women he has been with since the first time. It shows how little he thinks of it now.

Flirting with women for their secrets and venturing into the worst parts of the kingdom to find information under the guise of a wastrel prince. Gambling hells, brothels ... you name it, he's seen it.

However, seeing the worst of the world has made Gabriel a very jaded man. It made him unable to really believe in people ... with only a very few number exceptions. The number of people who have seen the other side of the 'Wastrel Prince' is even lesser than that.


+ Jaded
+ Has a very twisted thinking
+ Flirt


+ Manipulation
+ Loyalty
+ The ideal spy


The Blackwoods {Royal Family}

{The King} TBD (?)
{The Queen} TBD (?)
{Brother} Ithuriel Smith Blackwood (19)
{Brother} Gabriel Blackwood (19)
{Brother} TBD (?)
{Herself} Adelaide Elizabeth Blackwood (18)
{Sister} TBD (?)
{Sister} Cassandra Felicity Blackwood (16)

Sexuality: Straight.

Relationship Status: Single, but has lovers all over the kingdom.

Other: If you want to play his fiancee, just let me know.

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squirrel-cheeks First Name: Carmen

Last Name: Forman

Age: 17
Gender: Female

Carmen is always doing something she is not suppose to do she is is always getting in trouble. Carmen is a tomboy she does what ever she feels like and does not let anyone tell her she is weak and can't do anything she grew up with 4 older brother's and a twin brother she has always been the baby and but she can do anything she brother's do and even some they can't do, she has always been the smartest and never lets anyone make her feel down because she did some thing wrong,she loves talking and just loves life, she is very smart, she is one of those people when you start talking to them you feel like you have known them your whole life, she is crazy funny and gets really shy around people she don't know, she is just crazy and fun to be around,Carmen is just brave creative and smart and fun to be around.



Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 113.54 Pounds
Height: 59.85
Distinguished Markings: none

Backstory: Carmen grew up has the baby of the family and has always tesaed by her brothers about that, she learn how to stick up for her self at the age of four and learned how to lie to get the bathroom first she was the neard she grew up doing every thing a boy did and she never gave up to anything. Her mom died when she was 7 because she got kidnpped.She grew up acting like a boy and never backing down with out a fight she has always hunted with her brothers and learned how to hunt at age 6. Her brother would always sneak out and she would hold it against them when ever she could she was a pan in the butt for her brother because she was very nosie. In middle school she got picked on and then just losted it she got really mad and got kicked out of the school for it.

Weakness: she will do anything for her friends and family.

Strengths: She knows every thing a knight can do.

Family: She has a Dad a older brother who is 20 and a her older brother who are twins who are 19 and a twin brother who is 18.

Sexuality: Stright.

Relationship Status: single


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Alizarin First Name: Aura

Last Name: Frost

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Personality: She tends to be very private, and does not let a lot of people get close to her. She's a loner and tends to avoid conflict. Constantly searching for values in life, and tends to use her intuition to do so. She's a logical, original, creative thinker. Can become very excited about theories and ideas. Exceptionally capable and driven to turn theories into clear understandings. Wants to be recognized and valued, but doesn't crave attention. Can sometimes have a surprisingly offbeat sense of humor.


Hair: White
Eyes: cobalt blue
Weight: 115 lbs
Height: 5'3"
Distinguished Markings: none

Aura grew up in an orphanage after a disease took her mother and father. She and her twin brother Japheth did everything together, until he mysteriously disappeared one day. At age nine, she ran away to the city, where she joined a crowd of street-rats and learned to survive on her own. Became a skilled fighter and thief, disguised as a boy much of the time. By chance, she saved the life of the king's most trusted knight and began training in disguise as a boy for knighthood. As she became older it became more and more difficult to hide her gender, so she eventually revealed her true self and secured the position of bodyguard/lady-in-waiting. She acts as a last-resort protector for members of the royal family, in case something should ever happen to incapacitate the others.

Weakness: Can be hot-tempered at times and doesn't do well with heights. Is deadly afraid that her old life will eventually catch up to her; that her history as a street-lord could harm the royal family.

Strengths: Can hold her own in a street fight. Deadly with knives and poisons. Isn't afraid to give candid advice. Is also skilled with swords and bows. Knows how to talk her way out of sticky situations.

Family: She had a twin brother named Japheth, who disappeared when she was 8 and never heard from again. Her parents are both dead.

Sexuality: Straight.

Relationship Status: single

Other: Someone could make her brother...

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Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) First Name: Tristan

Last Name: Levi

Rank: Lord of White Knights

Age: 28

Gender: Male


Two of the most important thing to remember about Tristan is that he isn't a playboy, but he isn't much of a gentleman either. He is cocky, rude and ambitious but he had the talent and smarts to back it up. However, despite his lack of niceties, he is very loyal and expects the same from all else.


Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 75kg
Height: 6'0"
Distinguished Markings (If any):


Tristan is a son of a Lord, but his father was murdered and was given to a couple that was less fortunate because his other family members were too ambitious and were afraid the title would go to him.

Even at a young age, Tristan already understood that this was a great injustice. However, it was also thanks to this injustice that his ambitiousness was fueled. He studied and trained to be the best but unfortunately, his uncle still held his father's position and refused to let go. During the man's tenure, he increased taxes and gave horrible compensation.

He came forward with the truth to the king and he was removed from his post. Tristan came highly recommended and that was the story of how he was able to get back his family home and title. Despite this achievement, his ambition didn't stop there.

He's actually been married once before for three years. She died at childbirth. The wife never wanted the child, but Tristan insisted and promised her her freedom in exchange for the child.

At that time, he never said anything, but he never forgave himself after that. He blamed himself for his wife's death.


+ Ruthlessness
+ Rude
+ Cocky
+ Manipulative
+ Ambition comes first.
+ Vengeful


+ Ambition
+ Loyalty
+ Methodical
+ Brilliant
+ Tactical
+ Honest


Father (Deceased), Mother (Deceased), Uncle, Aunt and cousins.

Sexuality: Straight.

Relationship Status: Widower


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Arianna (--Arianna--) | 30 comments Template Credit goes to Parøxysmal Asphyxiatiøn

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Evangeline Briggans

『 〓 』• Pronounced | Eh | van | gel | een

Nickname: Eva

Nickname #2: Evangeline is known by the cruel wealthy people as the 'Peasant Princess'.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

██████████████████████████ ██████████
|| ♛ ||


Eva's eye are a glorious color, easily compared to the most gorgeous of gems. They shine like dyed diamonds embedded into her lovely face, always bright and sparkling with amusement. The beautiful hue is close to that of the ocean, a stunning sea-green that can draw anyone in. They are veiled by long pale lashes that she often uses to hide the emotions that her eyes are always portraying.


Eva's wild mane is a frosted blonde color, pale and faded like the morning sunshine on a sleepy Sunday. Her silky tresses are like spun gold, the hue like blossoming sun flowers. It has quite the wave in it, a natural beachy curl that she was born with. The long stands fall down in messy ringlets and stop at eh small of her back. Despite her adoptive mothers wises, she prefers to keep it down and let the windy breeze blow it around her face.


Standing at a height of 5'8, Eva is rather tall and lean. Her body is rather slender due to her bird like eating habits, one she didn't grow out of after her years as a peasant. She has lengthy limbs, with long legs that stretch on forever. There is a little bit on muscles packed beneath her skin, mostly on her arms and shoulders from her days working in the streets. Her skin is a warm sun-kissed tan that she achieved after long grueling days in the outdoors.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Age: Nineteen{19}
⊱ Zodiacal symbol: Sagittarius
⊱ Birthdate: December 13th

Distinguished Marking(s):
• There is a faint scar to the right side of her right eye. Its is minute and almost faded, but the jagged line still remains.

• Height: 5'8
• Weight: 105 lbs.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠ ║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Personality & history combined!:

Meet Evangline, a fierce and feisty little spitfire with a fighting spirit and a snappy attitude. She's a determined warrior, a girl who isn't going to just toss her dreams aside when life happens to get in the way. From the day she was born, Eva was thrown into a harsh and cold world, the horrid childhood of hers making her more reluctant to trust the world and the people on it. To her, everyone is just waiting to stab a knife right into your back. I mean, even her own mother abandoned her.

Eva has always had an active imagination and has been quite the dreamer, her wild creativity not leaving her when she became a woman. Sadly though, her hope and wishes have been crushed by the cruel society and harsh times. Beginning her life in a cold and desolate place, Eva knows what it is like to have nothing. Though she worked long and tiresome hours day and night, she was proud of what she had achieved and was quite content with it. Though Evangeline had always been poor, she didn't really mind the simply life. In fact she rather enjoyed the life of a peasant. Minus the hungry bellies and cold sleepless nights, it was the place to be. One could be anything, do anything they wanted with no fierce eye of supervision watching over them. It was if she was living in a realm of no rules, where you fought for what you got. It was simple life, but Eva had never been one for such lavish things and luxuries.

You see, Eva had been born a peasant. Birthed to a poor young woman on the outskirt of the White Knights land, all she had ever known was poverty. Her mum had been dirt poor and had never wanted a child, so she left her one night in the room at a inn she was spending the night at. When the innkeeper and his wife found the baby sitting in the middle of the room alone, they were quick to take care of her. They searched the lands for her mother but to no avail, for the cold woman had already fled. She was quickly welcomed into the innkeepers family as one of their own, becoming their very own daughter. She worked the inn to keep her stay, though she knew that the two would never throw her out. Those were the happiest times of her life.

At age ten Evangeline was adopted by the royals of the White Knights, a big public affair that drew attention from all over the land. She wasn't officially taken in as their own, no even given their last name. It was like she was simply a peasant with special treatment, which it turned out was what was happening.

Once Evangeline was adopted, she immediately didn't fit in. She could tell that she had been only taken in so the public could know how kind and warm-hearted the royal were, always knew that their love was a performance they played for the rest of the land. Therefore, Eva did not fall into the lifestyle of a princess easily. She had never known what it was like to have a pocket full of coins, and now, having chests full of them, she didn't know what to do. Sure, she enjoyed having a full meal time to time and steamy hot water, but she did not need closets of dresses and rooms full of shoes. It was just too much. Plus, she did not enjoy losing her independence. Suddenly, no one would allow the young lady to do anything by herself, people showing up to do everything from dressing to feeding her. Luckily this only lasted so long, and soon the wild amounts of attention aimed towards her vanished, leaving her all by her lonesome.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♠ ║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

▪▪ ◞sᴋɪʟʟs & ᴀᴛᴛʀɪʙᴜᴛᴇs

• Witty: Eva is extremely clever and cunning despite her lack of a true education. Her brain is sharp and perfect for forming complex strategies and successful battle plans.
• Fearless: This girl is afraid of nothing, a brave soul who is a lover of daring adventures and risky tricks. She truly enjoys the butterflies in your stomach feeling, enough to go searching for it just for the pleasure of doing something dangerous.
• Determination: When Eva has her mind set on completing a task, nothing will stand in her way. She is like a machine, plowing over any and all obstacles that mark the path leading to her final destination. Her stubbornness is part of the reason why she is like this..
• Stealth: After years of sneaking around the peasant villages in the midst of night, Eva has become quite the little ninja. She is able to move silently and swiftly, striking before one has even caught of glimpse of her.

•Spitfire: At times Eva has little of a filter between what she says and what she thinks, so she if constantly blurting out comments that really should be kept to oneself. She will speak the gods honest truth because well, she couldn't think of why she would not.
• Peasant Childhood: Growing up as a poor innkeepers daughter, Eva has no idea how to be and act like a princess. She had spent the early years of her life in riches and covered in filth, and the transition from that into the fine luxury of the palace has been hard.
• Restlessness: Eva simply cannot stand still. She always must me moving, must be doing, never being able to stay silent and motionless for more than a few seconds.

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ella  (katarella) | 97 comments First Name: Morgana

Last Name: Blackwood

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Rank: King's and Queen's Ward

Personality: Morgana once was a proud but good-hearted, compassionate young woman with a spirited and daring nature. But time and circumstances have changed her, and all that she once was is now buried under layers of anger, bitterness, and pain. She is vengeful and cold, but at times, one can see glimpses of the girl she used to be. But deep down, she is hurt and damaged, and has been twisted by the influences of people, like her half-sister Morgause, who did not really have her best interests at heart. But, she still is the a lot like the girl she used to be around her family and friends and she loves them and would do anything to protect them.


Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 1,67m

Backstory: Morgana was born into a family of the king's loyal friends. They were almost like family. When suddenly their little castle was attacked she got away on her horse Kallik, but the rest of her family was killed. She made it to the king's castle and he and the queen made her to their ward. She was only 10 when it all happened. She loves them like her family.

Pets: She has a horse named Tristan.

Weakness:Morgana's greatest weakness is her short-sightedness. She often acts without properly thinking thing through, and even when she does plot things out carefully, she still fails to see the overall effect of her actions. She is easily influenced by the wrong people, and often allows anger to cloud her judgement. Although some people would say she no longer cares about anything but herself, the truth is, she cares too much, and after being let down and betrayed by people she cared about, she allowed her pain to turn into bitterness.

Strengths: She is highly intelligent, stubborn, determined, and a strong fighter. Her best weapon is the sword and she always wanted to be a knight.


Father: deceased
Mother: deceased
Brothers: deceased
Half-sister: deceased

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single


MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) First Name: Darby
Middle Name: Sterling
Last Name: Keaton
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Personality: Darby works hard to get the job done. Once he decides something, he can't be swayed from his decision very easily. Thanks to his background, he has many different talents. He enjoys music and poetry, though he keeps that to himself. At times, he can be secretive. But it's usually for a reason and because he doesn't want someone to hurt him. He's not very easy to manipulate either; He can tell when someone is trying to get him to do their dirty work for them.

Hair- Blonde.
Eyes- Bright green.
Weight- 156
Height- 5'7
Distinguished Markings- A scar on the back on his left wrist from his training as a blacksmith.

Backstory: Darby had an average childhood. When he was two years old, his mom gave birth to his little sister. He loved, and still loves, being around her. When he was five, his mom got a job at the palace as a maid; His dad got a job as a guard; His sister started training to be a seamstress; Darby..He didn't know what to do. So he prepared for anything and everything(He has no future of being a blacksmith).

When he was twelve, his father got sick. Rainy took care of him while their mother continued to work and he tried to help out in anyway he could. His father couldn't seem to get better, no matter what they did. A year later, two days after Darby's birthday, his father died of high fever. Since then, his mother hasn't been the same. She wasn't as happy, she didn't have that sparkle of joy in her eyes.

Now seventeen years old, he has worked a wide variety of jobs and has developed many skills. He's now the one who cares for the family, even if his mother and sister protest. Currently, he works as a potter and artist for the royal family, something he enjoys. When not working with clay or paint, he can often be found around the castle helping his mum or sister.

- Sometimes he doesn't know when it's time to stop or turn around
- His loyalty
- Multiple talents
- Is always ready to lend a hand
- Good at telling right from wrong
- Cannot be manipulated very easily

Mother ~ Anna Keaton; Living; 46
Father ~ Xavier Keaton; Deceased
Sister ~ Rainy Jane Keaton; Living; 15

Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single

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MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) First Name: Rainy
Middle Name: Jane
Last Name: Keaton
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Personality: Rainy is nearly always with her fabrics and sewing, or with her little sketch book and designing new gowns. She has a good sense of humor and loves to have some fun. Whenever she isn't with her sewing or book, she's usually out and about. She enjoys theater and drama, which shows in her personality..A lot. She's often being dramatic or acting, or just flat out being a goofball. She helps her mum when she manages to have time. She doesn't like how much Darby works and how much he, well, carries the family. Even though he lets her help, she still doesn't approve of how much he does. She can be a flirt sometimes, especially around cute boys.

Also. Call her a dumb blonde, and either she will smack you or her brother will.

Hair- Blonde.
Eyes- Bright blue.
Weight- 143
Height- 5'2
Distinguished Markings- A scar on the back on his left wrist from his training as a blacksmith.

Backstory: Rainy had an average childhood. She loved, and still loves, being around her big brother, Darby. When she was two, her mom got a job at the palace as a maid; Her dad got a job as a guard; Darby..Started doing everything; Rainy started training to be a seamstress.

When she was ten, her father got sick. She took care of him while their mother continued to work and her brother tried to help out in anyway he could. Her father couldn't seem to get better, no matter what they did. A year later, two days after Darby's birthday, her father died of high fever. Since then, her mother hasn't been the same. She wasn't as happy, she didn't have that sparkle of joy in her eyes.

Now fifteen years old, Rainy is a trained and professional seamstress for the royal family. She helps out her brother and mother when she can, but otherwise is nearly always at her sewing machine. She doesn't like how much Darby is working for the family.

- She trusts too much sometimes
- Sewing
- Good at telling right from wrong
- Cannot be manipulated very easily

Mother ~ Anna Keaton; Living; 46
Father ~ Xavier Keaton; Deceased
Brother ~ Darby Sterling Keaton; Living; 17

Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single

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First Name: Melody

Last Name: Canders

Age: 19

Gender: F

Personality: Melody is a strong girl. She's worked hard her whole life, and isn't afraid to do so. She's knows she's lucky to work in the castle of White Knights, and is very respectful to her employers. Even if she's biting her tongue half the time, trying not to snap at the snooty people she works for. She loves to laugh and smile with the other servants and maids, and go ride the horses when the royals are sleeping with some of the stable boys. She's a bit rebellious, but she doesn't mean it in a bad way, she just likes to have fun. She has a mad temper, and is generally snapping at the other employees, along with her best friend Ithuriel. She also happens to be a terrible gossip, but only to get information. She never gives it out. She usually is singing while she works, and no one in the castle has ever minded. She's always had a secret though, one that she's never told anyone. Maybe someone will get it out if her.


Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 104
Height: 5'4
Distinguished Markings (If any): none

Backstory: Melody grew up in the castle of the white knights. Her mother was nanny to the children, so Melody grew up alongside them, her mother raising her as she watched the royal children. She became very good friends with Ithuriel, they have a closer brother/sister type bond. She played, ran around, giggled and learned with them until she was 12 years old, then she started work around the castle. She became one of the maids, she tends to the rooms of the royals. She's respected in a way there, but she doesn't really like most of the royals. They're all so snooty, think there the best of the best because of their blood. One things she's learned; blood means nothing compared to character. She still works in the castle as a maid, tending to fireplaces and rooms, dusting shelves and helping the cooks. She doesn't mind it one bit, she actually enjoys keeping herself busy. She still is good friends with Ithuriel, and talks to him whenever she has a moment.

Weakness: Temper

Strengths: Polite (forcibly), Strong, independent, loyal and brave

Family: Mother is a maid, her father drives the carriages.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: single, though she has a fondness for stable boys

Other: nada.

ᏖᎥᏁᏦᏋᏒ ᏰᏋᏝᏝ | 1571 comments Mod
First Name: chase

Last Name: doesn't know

Age: 16

Gender: male

Personality:he is sneaky and deceptive though is his easily fooled. he is very strong will and deep down sweet and sensitive, but he hides that, he is a thief, and hates that he is one but there is no way to change it. he carries a lot of guilt, and longs for someone who will love him for his heart not actions


Hair: sandy blonde
Eyes: yellow brown
Weight: 120
Height: 5'10
Distinguished Markings (If any): bar code printed on his arm

Backstory: he was born on Friday the 13th, his mother and father were VERY superstitious and left him in a ally way where a old man found him, and taught him to be a thief, when chase was 14 the old man died leaving chase to have to steal. no matter how much he didn't want to

Weakness he's sensitive, and carries a lot of guilt, very gulible

Strengths he's fast, caring and sneaky

Family: doesn't know real family but the man who raised him is dead

Sexuality: straight

Relationship Status: none but wants a girl who will love him for his heart not actions

Other: doesn't have high regard for himself

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Aidan (RebelliousSaint) | 6 comments First Name: Clarissa

Last Name: Allen

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Personality: Clarrisa can be sweet and king. But she cant easily lose her patients and her tempered. Its best not to make her upset at all. She can be very loving and protective of people she loves and cares about. But has a hard time trusting people

< IMG SRC= >

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 118
Height: 5'6
Distinguished Markings (If any): Has a scar from rigth shoulder to her left hip

Backstory: When she was barely 3, her father would drunkenly beat her and her twin sister Cassandra. Her mother had died giving birth to her and her father blamed Clarrisa for killing her. When Clarrisa turned 12, her father beat Cassasndra so hard she died. Her father then slised her back with a bottle before abondoning her in a bloody heap on the street.

Weakness: Her father, being abondoned

Strengths: fighting with swords

Mary- Mother (Deaceased)
Gilbert- Father (Unkown)
Cassandra- Twin Sister (Deaceased)

Sexuality: Bi

Relationship Status: Single and looking

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) First Name: Samael

Last Name: Tassinari

Age: 25

Gender: male

~Knight, a white knight to be exact and a guard in the castle..

Despite the honour in what he is, he's actually can be very cruel and very strict, follows the law to the nub. He's cool and collected rarely shows his emotions but when he does they are not happy emotions.. He's loyal trustworthy but hates criminals and with punish as he sees fit. Besides all this he can be kind but he's modest and doesn't like to admit anything..
Surprisingly he is not talkative silent, maybe it's caused he's shy or maybe just cause he doesn't see the point in talking who knows....

Samael is solidly built with lots of muscles, abs to die for tall with nicely honed skin so tanned, has stubble on his chin and around his mouth, scars but he is ruggedly handsome.

Hair: short black hair
Eyes: odd whitey silver coloured eyes
Weight: 220
Height: 6'1"
Distinguished Markings: a scar slashed down his left eye and another slashed down the left side of his lips ..

Was born into the role of a knight, comes from a long line of knights so had been training all his life. His father was the royals guard so he spent a lot of time with Ithuriel.. Around the age of sixteen he came across a young boy stealing from a bakery and was about to kill him when he moved so his blade only scarred him... Had came across that boy a few times throughout his life and was the one to slash the scar that's upon his face... He's been working on trying to capture the 'scarred boy' but hasn't gotten anywhere with that, he's done a lot in his role of a knight and personal guard doing every position since he's superb at his job...

Weakness: his impulsively manner when it comes to people breaking the law, and his scars easier to Injure him..

Strengths friends with the prince (Ithuriel) strong fighter and merciless.(when It comes to disobeying the law) Good swordsman... Loyal

Family: none
Father- deceased

Sexuality: straight

Relationship Status: none at all


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The Phantom (zerosummations) | 605 comments First Name: Toril

Last Name: Korilsson

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Personality: Cunning. Smart. He serves, openly, himself first and the kingdom second. However, he is trusted by court, because of his wisdom; he realises that if the Kingdom falls, his wealth will count for nothing.


Hair: Long, black
Eyes: Grey
Weight: 154kgs
Height: 5'3"
Distinguished Markings (If any): A red serpent tattoo on his right hand

Backstory: A rich lord, he moved to court early in life to consolidate his power. He quickly was recognised for his cunning and political promise. Soon, he sought to be appointed 'Lord' to further secure his position, a sequence of bribes and agreements saw him gain this postion.

Physically weak, and slow

Owed favours by a great many, very wealthy, politically strong.

Family: None, apart from his parents, who died recently.

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship Status: Single


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First Name: George nicknamed Thomas
Last Name: Blackwood
Age: 45
Gender: male
Personality: he is the king of white knight's...he is known all over the kingdom as a cruel,ruthless,merciless king. he is a stern person who likes everything to be in order and place,and likes when his orders are carry but he isn't really bad as most of the people thinks he is.......his.badness comes from his closeness to the nobles. he listened to everything they says so most of the time its nobles' cruelty only for which he is blamed
he is a brave warrior who leads his army from the front and never left the fields. he has lead them to many victories....
he is really close to his every child and cares for them but he never shows it outwardly...

Hair: long thick hairs brown in color
Eyes: hazel
Weight: 90 kg
Height: 6 foot 1 inches
Distinguished Markings (If any): several scars on his face which he received during fighting
Backstory: his parents were killed when he was only 14 years old and he has to face the attack on his kingdom the second day but due to his guardian who led his army, white knight won the battle and emerged as a bigger power....for 4 years he was taught by his guardian and he respected him but the older nobles misled him into believing that his guardian is trying to keeps the throne in his hands so he ordered his assassination and since than he is following what those nobles asks him to do....
his first wife died after child labor and he married another girl he likes..
Weakness he usually takes hasty decisions
his kingdom people hates him
follows and trusts nobles blindly
Strengths: a mighty warrior
knows many fighting arts and use of evry weapon
daughters: Cassandra,Carmen,Evangelina,Adelaide
sons: Ithuriel,Gabriel
wife : TBD
Sexuality: heterosexual
Relationship Status: married

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Mark (toastermic) First Name:Inigo

Last Name:Montoya



Personality: Inigo is a fair, honest, honourable and loyal to any friends he may have. the most important thing in Inigo's life (or was, it has been 20 years)is revenge. Inigo is also very overconfident. He often fights left-handed in order to prolong the fight and states that he is capable of handling 10 armed men at once. If depressed, Inigo has a tendency to curl up with a bottle of wine as his answer to the world's problems. Getting sober again can be quite a task.



Distinguished Markings:Two scars on his cheeks.

Inigo is the son of Domingo Montoya, who was one of the best swordmakers in the world. When Inigo was 10, the six-fingered man commissioned Domingo to make a sword to meet the peculiarities of his right hand. After a year of labor, Domingo had finished the blade. When it was presented to the six-fingered man pronounced it to be a cheap and shoddy piece of work and refused to pay the promised price. Domingo then refused to give the six fingered man the sword, presenting it to Inigo instead. The six fingered man killed Domingo for insolence. Inigo, enraged by the death of his father then challenged the six fingered man, but lost (although even at this early age, Inigo showed a flash of his later greatness). the six fingered man let the boy live, but slashed each cheek as a lesson.
Afterwards, Inigo dedicated his life to the study of fencing. He travelled the world, seeking the best teachers there were. Eventually, he began challenging all the fencing masters he could find, perfecting his skill.
Unable to find anyone capable of truly challenging his skill and unable to find the six-fingered man, Inigo felling into depression and despair. Turning to the bottle, Inigo began to drown his sorrows in brandy and wine

Drunkard, mild alcoholic

Master Fencer
Well traveled

Family:None, murdered


Relationship Status:single


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Sheet Written By Teadrinkingcat
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Page One


Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.

||◑|Full Name|◑|| Eton O'Malley
|☆Nickname☆| He just goes by Eton.
|☆Eton☆| A common name for cities in England, not a very common first-name, however.

||◑|Age |◑|| Eighteen.
||◑|Date of Birth|◑|| February 19th
|☆Astrological Sign/Zodiac Sign☆| Aquarius

||◑|Gender |◑|| Male
|☆Sexuality ☆| Bisexual
|☆Relationship Status ☆| Eton is a huge flirt, but has only been in a few long-term relationships. Is currently single.
“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”




|☆Face ☆| Eton has a rather puckish face, with a cute ski-jump nose and high eyebrows. Many have said he has Elvish roots, as his face does seem more fine and fair. Light freckles scatter his nose and cheeks, and it casts and aura of impending mischief.
|☆Hair ☆| With shorter hair than most men his age, Eton once again has a more unique look. He has shaggy and unkempt jet-black hair that often falls over his eyes, which is a shame. He rarely takes the time to brush or manage it, leaving it tangled.
|☆Eyes ☆| Eton has charming, bright blue eyes. They may be a common shade, but he pulls them off with flare. They are often flirty and alluring, with white flecks closer towards the pupil. Along with his hair, they provide great contrast and go with his face perfectly.
|☆Weight & Hieght ☆| He's rather average in height, not too tall and not scary-short. Eton stands at 5'10, and weighs exactly 136 lbs.
|☆Body Type ☆| Eton is a whip of a thing, he's very skinny and lanky. It's a wonder he doesn't blow away in the wind. However, he does have strong leg and arm muscles from flying, and has the physique of a runner or swimmer.
|☆Distinguished Markings ☆| He only has a bad gash on his right arm from an early mix-up with a dragon as a child.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”


Eton is a rather intense person when you first meet him. His soul burns bright with untamed passion, and he can be quite reckless. Teasing is one of his strong suits, along with this he is a rather flirty guy, and will never pass up a chance to woo someone. Eton is a show-off, but, then again, so is his dragon. He doesn't like being upstaged and holds grudges very easily. He never quits something once he's started unless he's hard-pressed to, and will often destroy whatever is in his way. Eton has the tenancy to bite off more than he can chew, resulting in some bad situations.

• |☆ Flying ☆| Eton grew up flying and training dragons, so it's natural that he loves it. He's an excellent flier, almost well-known throughout the realm. Along with this he also specializes in smithing.
• |☆ Animals ☆| He has an intense love for all sorts of animals, and cares for all of them deeply. Eton hates seeing abused or mistreated ones, and immediately hates those who invoke such pain on an innocent creature. Eton has a way with animals, and can tame them easily.
• |☆ Flirting ☆| Eton is rather attractive, and he knows it. He uses it to his advantage rather often, sleeping with random people in exchange for dragon eggs, rooms in inns, etc. He's also a cheapskate, and would rather have a one-night fling with someone rather than shell out some coins.

• |☆ Wealthy People ☆| A lot of wealthy people can be nice, but with Eton's experience, he hasn't met any that are. He dislikes hanging around them, as he finds them vapid and shallow. Another issue that bothers him is that a lot of the richer people in the world have taken to collecting dragons, keeping them in cages for show. Having trained them his whole life, he is entirely against this act of cruelty and has let it stamp a label on those who do it.
• |☆ Horses ☆| Not entirely sure on this one. He finds them slow and stupid, and if there's one thing Eton hates, it's stupidity. He doesn't understand why more people don't just have dragons instead of the ugly creatures people call horses.
• |☆ Water ☆| Another odd one. Eton has never had a horrible experience with the murky depths, but he just never learned to swim. He doesn't care to, either. He hates getting wet and has never truly gone swimming.

Life is short; when you're done, you're done.

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Page Two

S K I L L S:

• |☆ Attractiveness ☆| Eton is genuinely very attractive. Unfortunately, Eton knows this, and uses it to his advantage. He can easily win over others with his charm and appearance, often earning him free stays at inns and cheap meals. Although he loves using his looks to win, others don't always appreciate it.
• |☆ Great with Animals ☆| After training a large variety of dragons his whole life, Eton can handle pretty much any beast out there. People have hired him for short-term training jobs for horses, dogs, and even large cats. He tries his best, and his best is usually short of amazing.
• |☆ Intelligent ☆| He may seem vapid and shallow at first, but Eton really does have varying emotions. He's very smart, figuring out puzzles and riddles with ease. However, he is horrible at math and science; literary arts are his main thing.

• |☆ Physical Fitness ☆| Yes, Eton may be skinny and lean, and he may have good thigh muscles, but without his dragon, he's screwed. He is slightly skilled with magic, but not well enough to defend himself in a serious situation. Eton can't run for very long, and tires easily. He's just used to flying a dragon.
• |☆ Rude ☆| If you don't do what Eton wants you to do, he becomes short and snappy. He's used to getting his way often, and even if he does like you, once the initial charm wears off he can be a real pain in the ass.

He's rather grim, isn't he?

H I S T O R Y:

||◑| From Rags to Riches |◑||
Eton was born just when the rare few began to breed dragons. They had been tamed, yes, but never bred in captivity.
His parents had settled in the far countryside, breeding and training dragons for purchase. They were one of the few to do it, resulting in some nice cash. They were poor before, however; Eton often wore potato-sack pants and cheap cotton shirts. But as the sales went up, they got enough money to purchase a small store and loft in the city. They continued their hatchery there, becoming the most well-known dragon store in the realm.

||◑| Training and Flying |◑||
At the tender age of eight Eton received his own dragon egg to care for. It was a White Dragon, a new breed. He loved it dearly, never letting it leave his side until it hatched.
Thus, Corrigan was born. The two formed an unbreakable bond, connecting them telepathically and emotionally. Eton trained her something fierce, working day and night. Before he could even ride her she had perfected flying. He would pass the time she spent as a hatchling by teaching her how to hawk. While his friends would send out beautiful russet falcons to pick up prey, he would unleash his white dragon.
However, it wasn't peaceful forever. His parents decided to leave the hatchery to be run by Eton, his grandfather, and his aunt. During that time, they would sail the realm in search of new rare dragon breeds to bring home once every six months.

||◑| Death and Ownership |◑||
Eventually, Eton's grandfather died when he was only fifteen. Eton was left the Hatchery and the dragons, of course, but he seemed rather lost. He had Corra to help him through it, though, offering him advice and council. He immediately hired two employees to help him run the shop, giving himself more freedom. The shop is thriving, but Eton and Carrigan are still in charge of collecting and trading for new eggs and hatchlings. It's a difficult business, but a lovely one.

To ride a dragon is to ride the sky.

F A M I L Y:

▪ : Corrigan (Dragon)
About: Corra is a fine dragon, Eton faithful companion. They two are practically inseperable.

I tell you, my friend, there’s divinity in a dragon, and specially in a dragon like this.

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All of the above are approved.

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Hi- that was quick! She's not approved because you still need a history. And I'm really sorry, there are no more princesses left open. :/ but she's great so far.

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Thanks you what about a maid is that okay?- Leighton

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Absolutely fine. But make sure you include a history! :)

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Super! Approved.

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Thank You!!

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I fixed it a bit

Name: Ariella Dimitrov

Age: 15 years old

Height/Weight: 5’1 and 119 lbs.

Body type: Ariella has a very petite size that she gets from her mother. She is fairly slim with medium chest and small bum. She used to have an eating disorder causing her to gain some weight until she turned 14 she began to lose it.

Scent: She has a special scent that only she has. She smells like cinnamon with lavender everywhere she goes its simply hypnotizing.

Texture (i.e. of hands, skin, etc.): She has fairly soft skin an hands because they don’t allow her to do any labor around the palace. She rarely gets dry hands and cuts or bruises from labor.

Clothing style/frequently worn clothes:

Eye color (list synonyms):

* Beautiful
* Unique
* Small
* Sparkly

Hair color and style (list synonyms):

* Long
* Brown
* Curly

Other distinguishing physical traits (2 or 3 unique tags, specific to only that character):
* Well Built
* Skinny
* Slim

Action tags (i.e.scratching head, nail biting, etc.):
* She tends to play with her hair when she is lying.
* She bits her hair when she in nervous or hungry.
* She rolls her eyes when her parents tell her to do something.

Verbal tags (i.e. “My, my,” “Huh?” etc.) (also list speaking style: talkative, soft-spoken, loud, formal, accent, fast,etc.):
* Soft-Spoken
* Formal
* Loud (When she isn’t around her family)


She comes from a weird past that she could barely remember. Troye She was once of high royalty along with her brother, Koda, before their Mother died of cancer. Troye would be her father’s punching bad and also his little toy. When Koda couldn’t let this happen to her anymore they both ran away together. He died a couple of years later protecting her from a gunshot. She still puts a smile on her face soon she was accepted in another family. They don’t even know about her current secrets or what she can do all that she knows is that she needs to keep to herself. She has been a maid for as long as she can remember and she doesn't regret it.

Characteristic tags (i.e. timidity, drunkenness, arrogance, etc.):
* Shy
* Outgoing
* Timid
* Easily Overwhelmed

Physical imperfections or something would most like to change: She tends to have anxiety attacks when she is overwhelmed. She has trouble with reading because she can never stay still or be serious.

Race/Ethnic Bulgarian and British

Religion: Christian

Years of schooling: 10 years

Any special occupational training: She secretly practices the art of the sword with her guards without her parents consent.

Occupation: Student

Past Occupations: None

Skills, Abilities, and Talents:
* Singing
* Dancing
* Musician
* Fighting

Personality Type (Include Archetype): She is often the peacemaker when there are arguments between friends and family with a second thought.

Admirable personality traits (strengths):
* Compassionate
* Sweet
* Sympathetic
* Optimistic
* Responsible

Negative personality traits (weaknesses):
* Naïve
* Sarcastic
* Greedy (With food)

Quirks or eccentricities (off beat manner of behavior, dress, or speech that is peculiar to a person and distinguishes them from others): She doesn’t like when people have bad manners and speech.

Things that make angry: She gets angry when she is ignored or misused.
Method of handling anger: She plays her piano to calm her nerves.

Things that embarrass: She is embarrassed when her parents call her by her nicknames when she was a child.
Method of handling embarrassment: She glares at them until they apologize

Fears: Darkness, Spiders, Bugs, and Men
Method of handling fear: Singing or Crying

Bad habits or vices:
* Being loud
* Biting her hair
* Breaking stuff on accident.

Prejudices: None

Pet peeves or gripes:
* Men
* Burping
* Farting
* Misspelled Words

Sense of Humor: She tends to pull pranks on people to make her laugh along with the fact that she is easy to make her laugh.

Philosophy of Life: Life your life to fillest

Physical illness or affliction:
* Speech Problem
* Dyslexia

* Singing
* Dancing
* Art
* Children
* Pranks

And she just want to say.................

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 173 comments First Name: Cain (real name: Belle)

Last Name: Balatro

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Cain has a very versatile personality, but usually she is very stoic, quiet and serious. She is atrociously overprotective over Adrian given that she sees it as her absolute duty to protect him no matter what. She has lapses of insanity, and can suddenly turn completely crazy if she is in battle or has been angered in a particular way. She is extremely obedient and when given an order by an authority figure she will follow it through regardless of all consequences. She enjoys the quiet and is constantly working to better herself - something unneeded given her exceptional fighting skills. She gets a lot of criticism for being a female warrior, but it does not bother or phase her at all as more often than not, she is mistaken for a man. She enjoys being faceless, much preferring to be known for her actions rather than her appearance. It is also her dream to die without anyone knowing the extent of what she did and cares not whether people remember her name. She likes dogs, and has a wolfhound of her own called Argus that accompanies her everywhere she goes. Adrian used to dislike the hound but grew to accept it the more he realised it was useful.


Hair: Mousey brown
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 9st8
Height: 5'7
Distinguished Markings (If any):

She was born into an ordinary family living in the land of the White Knights, born under the name Belle. Her mother went away when she was born to become a maid in the palace and her father later got an in-castle job as a blacksmith, making the royals' weapons. As her result, her older brother, Cain, miraculously found himself a Knight by the time he was 19. During a horrific enemy raid when she was 14, her brother and the troop he was leading was cut off from their base and he had to battle his way through, saving many of his men but dying in the process. In her grief, Belle took his armour, his sword, and his name, cutting off all her long hair and casting away her old life. She was shunned by many royals but found that Adrian, the youngest Prince of 12 years old, would always spar with her despite her quirky decision to become a warrior. Somehow, she found herself becoming his personal yet unofficial bodyguard. She would have gone with him on his last expedition but her strict father forbade it and has been trying to marry her off to the son of a butcher. She will have none of it. When engaged in serious battle, she is reminded of how her brother dies, and often goes into a frenzy.

- Too obedient
- Memory of her brother impairs all rationality
- Overbearing

- Excellent fighting skills
- Experience fighting both angels and demons
- Good at following orders

- Mother: Bet
- Father: Abraham
- Brother: Cain

- Wolfhound - Argus
- Brown mare - Beet

Sexuality: Fairly a-sexual

Relationship Status: Single

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(( Sounds like a rival to Steven, then? XD ))

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 173 comments ((Yep, hahaha, creating Adrian's harem of peeps - Steven sounds hard, I need some manpower~ :P))

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(( XD ))

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Portal (portaltoafar) First Name: Molle (Malle)

Last Name: Goose

Age: 15 3/4

Gender: Female

Personality: Molle like many young maidens is niave, hopeful and always in a daydream, she longs for an adventure, but does not realise the danger, to meet a handsome prince, or knight and to wear long dresses and gems, to be loved and liked.
she is brave, blunt and hardworking, often blurting out things she shouldn't and insulting people with her carelessness. She is always working hard and trying to please people.


Hair: Long wavy, waist length light, brown hair, kept out of the way by being braided into a dutch braid.
Eyes: Doe brown hazel eyes, almond shaped.
Weight: 60 kls.
Height: 5, 6 ft.
Distinguished Markings (If any): Freckled neck and ankles, often has bruises on her wrists from work and a small inch long scar on her right wrist.

Backstory: The 3rd child of 14 children, to a milk maid and a farmers apprentice, Molle always worked hard from a young age, starting work at 5 years of age as a laundry maid, her family was always hardworking and loving. Her parents remained jolly despite hard times, even when they found themselves cramped into a house with 2 other families and 13 children under 10 with another on the way. At this time , Molle's parents had to make some hard descisons , starting with sending off their oldest son to be an apprentice to a black smith in a town over, their second daughter to become a seamstress and Molle to be a laundry and scullery maid in the palace. After this Molle rarely saw her family, until they moved away when she was 10 and she became likely to never see them again.
she now works among the palace servants, one of hundreds of maids.

Weakness: she is niave and seems to live in a daydream, unaware of the harshness of
life. Forgetful.
Strengths: she is mentally tough and copes well with hardwork and life. High physical endurance and very nimble and good with her hands.( weaving rope, using small knives.)

Family: Estranged mother, father and 13 siblings , may have more siblings she does not know of.
Sometimes she sees her sister, the seamstress in town, her sister now 18 is engaged, she last saw her brother 1 year ago along with his master blacksmith.

Sexuality:  Heterosexual,( she is a romantic.).

Relationship Status: Happily single, ( wants a knight in shining armour.).


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