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First Name:

Last Name:



Personality: Please Make it at least 10 sentences.

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Distinguished Markings (If any):

Backstory: Please make it at least 10 sentences





Relationship Status


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squirrel-cheeks First Name: Charlie

Last Name: Johnson

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Personality:Charlie has always been funny he just loves talking you give him a subject he can talk on and on and on about it he has always stand out and not always in a good way he was always different.He could always make every body laugh even if they where sad he just make people happy she is a comedy at heart he just loves making people laugh and hope he can do that for the rest of his life. Charlie just loves making people laugh he knows he is not the funnest his brother is to,he and his brother have always been pranksers.


Him has a wolf

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Weight: 6'3
Height: 150
Distinguished Markings (If any): None

Backstory: Charlie grew up the oldest by 1 minute he and his brother where always pranksers when they where 4 they had a plan when there parents come to put them to bed they would open the door and milk would fall on them,but did not work so well it fell on the oposite side and landed on them. But it still was pretty funny,when they were 10 they audtion for they talent show and won and they did it every year after that, they loved makeing people laugh and liked to see people smile.

When they got to middle school they did more prankest then ever they were picked to be class clowns until one boy came and people thought he was ore funny but they won back that name in the talent show because they won and beet him they were so happy they loved middle school.When they got in high school charlie was doing really good but Jimmy was not so he helped him out,and they both got a A on the test .

He will trust most people.

Strengths: He is the best shooter of his age.

Family: a twin brother and twin sisters

Sexuality: Stright.

Relationship Status: Crushing


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Boba | 273 comments First Name: James

Last Name: Norinton

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Personality: Jαмeѕ ιѕ α ĸιɴd yoυɴɢ мαɴ αѕ well αѕ вeιɴɢ qυιтe reɢαl. He нαѕ α ѕтroɴɢ ѕeɴѕe oғ нoɴor αɴd wιll deғeɴd нιѕ ғrιeɴdѕ wιтн α ғιerce loyαlтy lιĸe тнey were pαrт oғ нιѕ owɴ pαcĸ. He нαѕ α ѕeɴѕe oғ prιde тнαт cαɴ вe oғғeɴded вυт ιт тαĸeѕ α вιт тo ɢeт υɴder нιѕ ѕĸιɴ. Wнeɴ oɴe doeѕ ɢeт υɴder нιѕ ѕĸιɴ тнey ѕee α wrαтнғυl wolғ wнo wιll тeαr нιѕ eɴeмιeѕ lιмв ғroм lιмв. He нαѕ мercy вυт oɴly тo тнoѕe нe ѕeeѕ deѕervιɴɢ oғ тнαт ɢrαce, wнιcн ιѕ тнe ғew wнo ѕнow eveɴ тнe oɴeѕ тнαт αɴɢer тнeм ĸιɴdɴeѕѕ. Alѕo нe cαɴ вe qυιтe ĸιɴd αɴd cнιvelroυѕ, eѕpecιαlly тo α ғιɴe lαdy.


Wolf Form: description

Hair: White
Eyes: Grey
Weight: 210
Height: 6'3
Distinguished Markings (If any): Jαɢɢed ѕcαr αвove rιɢнт pelvιѕ ғroм ĸɴιғe woυɴd

Backstory: Jαмeѕ нαѕ вeeɴ α ѕword ғor нιre ғor мoѕт oғ нιѕ lιғe. He вeɢαɴ doιɴɢ ѕмαll worĸ lιĸe deғeɴdιɴɢ rιcн ɴoвleѕ αɴd мoved υp тo вrιɴɢιɴɢ ιɴ oυтlαwѕ wнo dιd нeιɴoυѕ crιмeѕ тo ĸɴιɢнтѕ αɴd oтнer вeιɴɢѕ . Wнιle ɢoιɴɢ ιɴ нιѕ lαѕт joв нe мeт α ĸɴιɢнт wнo тнeɴ decιded тo ιɴтιαтe нιм ιɴтo тнe wнιтe ĸɴιɢнтѕ. He ɴow doeѕ wнαтever нe cαɴ тo нelp нιѕ ғellow ĸɴιɢнтѕ αɴd тнe ιɴтereѕт oғ тнe wнιтe.

Weakness:Pride, anger, and Forgiving to often

Strengths:Extremely strong and fast

Family: Noɴe

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Relationship Status:Single

Other: Eveɴ ιɴ нιѕ нυмαɴ ғorм нe ѕтιll нαѕ тнe нeαrιɴɢ αɴd ѕмell oғ α wolғ

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