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It's Medieval England in a parallel universe filled with magic and other races than humans. There are two neighboring lands- Guildenstar and The Land of The White Knights. Lord Cliffton, the 'lord' of the castle and despised by the princess, Elizabeth Dain, hass arranged for her to marry at the age of 14. And now he has waged war on the neighboring country. War is coming. Battle will be fought, the rising sun will tint the sky with the blood of fallen warriors. Pick your side- but choose wisely.

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Elizabeth eventually runs away from home to escape the marriage and Lord Cliffton's son. She adapts to village life under a secret identity, going by the name of Corinne so people won't recognize her. Along the way she makes a friend, Ben Salas, who becomes super tight with Elizbeth. They do everything together and soon decide to go away from Guildnestar in the hope they can convince the Elves and Dwarves to help Guildnestar win the battle. There's a blossoming romance between the two friends, but is it strong enough to withstand the blow of truth?

The White Knights are preparing for the battle in a year's time (you can have mini wars between each other if you want, and there can be constant war on the battleground). The Knights can win, for sure.

For the other magical races, they must either pick a side or stay out of the whole thing... But then there would be no adventure...

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War is coming in 5 months. Which side will you choose when destiny calls?

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