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Request to be a Mod

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Hey maximum amount of mods we can have are 3 plus me.
Here's the form to fill it out:

Why you want to be a mod:
Are you online often:
What you hate about role playing:

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I can be a mod bt to be honest I don't have any experience of being a mod and that's one of the reason I wants to be a moderator and I'm online most of the time and I don't hate role playing It's si much fun and that's why I joined this group because of the role playing element

message 3: by Antonia (new)

Antonia (adf7793) | 53 comments Mod
{Name} Antonia

{Why you want to be a mod} I'm a proud member of the Grammar Police. I'll make sure that all group rules are being followed/enforced. Moreover, that spam is kept to a minimum/non-existent, --especially from myself. Not to mention that I love the originality of this group and I feel that it needs MODs dedicated to keeping it as active as possible. I've seen plenty of groups with amazing plot die down because of inactiveness Also...I'm pretty good with coming up with plot points, and with how to connect them into the overall plot. Basically I can help by making sure that confusion of plot/group theme is answered in a quick and informative manner. Reducing spam in all threads, --it's sort of an obsession really. Making sure that the Advanced/Detailed 'requirement' of the group is met, as well as making sure all other regulations are being effectively implemented.

{Are you online often} Well, I'm highly active, like on everyday active.

{What you hate about role playing} Well I'm a fan of detailed posts, I dislike one line, or even one word replies (view spoiler)

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Name: Sarah

Why you want to be a mod: I would like to gain experience as a moderator, and I often delete spam in the Groups I'm a mod in. I like to keep the pages clean so it's easier to see what actually is part of the thread.

Are you online often: I'm on pretty much all day on the weekends, and now that summer is here I'll be on a lot more too. I will warn you that I'm fairly active in my daily life to with sports and such, so I won't always be able to be on. I'm on for as much as I can be though.

What you hate about role playing: I don't really like the aspect of short replies. When I get a short reply I find it hard to reply back, so the cycle keeps going, and it gets rather irritating.

By the way, thanks for inviting me. :)

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literariel Name: Ariel

Why you want to be a mod: Because I feel like I can help with approving characters and correcting grammar and just helping people who need help. :)

Are you online often: Mostly on weekends and on the weekdays mostly after 7. But, now since summer is here I'll try to be on a lot more, and next years I'm being homeschooled, so that'll open up a lot more opportunities to be online.

What you hate about role playing: One-liners, even though everyone is guilty of them once in a while. Or, even worse, one-worded posts, just ugh no.

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