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This place was abandoned years ago, but one of the previous students at the Elite Academy who happened to be Mercedes' older brother installed it with lights, a dj booth, dance floor and a bar. Now it is a very popular hangout for the students who go there.

☯ ƒ ι η η у  ☯ | 78 comments Jessamae was hanging out in the abandoned barn,or the hangout for anybody who knew about it.It was a pretty cool place for the Elite's to just be themselves,well for the exception of herself. Jessa never let her façade fall,except when around a few friends.Her friends know about her,and it seems that her façade has just become a habit. It's become part of her.

Anyways, Jessamae was with a group of her friends.Some were girls,some were guys. Jessa never limited herself to one gender. She would get looks here and there from guys that were there,but she never payed much attention to them. She knew she was beautiful,and she had no problem flaunting it. If she were to pay attention to a guy,she probably would just tease them and then walk away mysteriously. Though,nobody caught her eye so she just hung out with her friends. There was live much playing,and people were dancing. She liked the club atmosphere the hangout had, it was like a second home to her.

hey, it's layne. Arthur was slumped in the back, a small fledge of the opposite gender surrounding him. He didn't understand why they played with his hair, or held his arm, or even gave him a second look. Sure, he'd been regarded as particularly attractive in his younger years, durning his past, but after all the bouts of depression, drugs, and self harm, how could this still attract all these girls. It didn't make sense to him. To him, he was like an ugly goose amongst many beautiful swans.
So far, there was only a few girls who hadn't made a play for him. Vera, the quiet, athletic girl, the girl settled a little ways away from him, and the Austen girl, the one who couldn't stop stumbling and blushing. Making eye contact, he noticed the girl across from them and stifled a slight, gruff mumble of words, causing the fledge of ladies to finally disperse. Ah, alone at last.

☯ ƒ ι η η у  ☯ | 78 comments Jessamae made her way to the bar,her hips swaying side to side as she walked.She knew she was pretty and all,but she didn't get why people always approached her.She had such a horrible personality to strangers,which she thought would get them to go away. Many people did,though they always tried to cuss at her, but some still lingered near her. Those were the ones who had become her friends,since they showed that they weren't scared.
When Jessa got to the bar she ordered a simple water.She wasn't one to drink since it was horrible for your body.Plus,she didn't want to be the kind of girl who got piss drunk and then falls all over the place. Many girls envied her,she never knew why, but they did. So,when they had the chance to insult her,they did.Though that never turned out well.
A girl approached her,her mascara was already half way down her face and her bright eyeshadow made Jessamae's nose scrunch up. She didn't see how they saw the makeup they worse as attractive. Jessa herself wore makeup,but she wore very natural colors,well, everything but her lips.She always liked bright red lips with everything else neutral. Anyways,the girl was snickering at Jessa, and Jessamae being herself raised an eyebrow. The girl opened her mouth to say something
"Slut." It was a simple word that held a lot of power. Jessamae wasn't one to fight,so she was going to simply say something that would shut the girl up.
"Says the girl who's slept with 10 guys in this place.Oh,and hun you might want to wear less makeup.It looks like your wearing a neon sign on your face." Jessamae said,void of any emotion.She was blunt and mean at times,but it was a defense mechanism.

hey, it's layne. Arthur watched the whole situation and gruffly stood, abruptly pushing past the line of girls who were waiting to throw themselves at him. 'You've got a lot of balls to say something like that, when you keep throwing yourself at me and this girl at least has enough self esteem and confidence to stand on her own.' Arthur glanced at the young lady in front of him, before shoving past all of them to retreat to another corner on his own. He didn't like being confrontational, but it was the least that he could do. After all, she didn't throw herself at him, and didn't invade his personal space, so he'd show a minimal amount of kindness towards her, figuring she'd be able to handle the rest on her own.

☯ ƒ ι η η у  ☯ | 78 comments When Arthur interrupted , Jessa raised an eyebrow. She didn't thank him since she never really asked for his assistance. Jessamae hadn't even noticed him until now,and she saw that there was a pack of girls where he once resided.She laughed to herself slightly before she walked back to her friends.They were planning to preform tonight,since they were always popular with the crowd. Jessamae and her three friends preformed as a group,though they weren't a band or anything.They just liked the sound of voices together rather than alone. They all went to Elite,and they were all descendants of famous singers. So,naturally they were good. The group of girls were very known at Elite so when they did preform the crowd was usually big.

hey, it's layne. 'Do you know who that was? Arthur's like the Beast from Beauty and the Beast! He's like totally mysterious and hot! He never talks to anyone. I don't know why he talked to you, of all people.' The girl said snakily as she dumped her smoothie down the front of Jessa, smirking. 'Whoops.' She giggled, then made her way to find Arthur, who was watching Jessamae, intrigued by her. She wasn't like the rest of the girls, he could tell. He wondered who her ascendant was, but it didn't matter. He didn't want any friends, or family, or anybody. All it ever lead to was hurt, and pain, and he didn't want any attachments because of that.

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☯ ƒ ι η η у  ☯ | 78 comments Jessa rolled her eyes but clenched her fists when the girls dumped her smoothie on her. She didn't want her anger to show,because that would show that she was weak.She calmed herself before shrugging "I don't know why you even try.He's obviously not interested and it's about time you got the hint."Jessa hissed through her teeth.She was lucky she was wearing a jacket,so she simply took it off but her pants of the other hand were probably going to be ruined if she didn't act upon it herself.She dipped a napkin in her water and she dabbed at her pant leg softly. Jessamae wasn't going to get into a fight.She found them to be silly. Her friend signaled her over and asked her if she wanted to preform.She looked at her pant leg,it was barely noticeable. Jessamae shrugged,which her friend took as a yes.The four girls walked to the small stage where performers would preform. They got on stage like usual,and immediately a crowd began to form. Naturally,they picked a song they had written themselves. They sung (view spoiler)

hey, it's layne. ((Is there any way you'd prefer for him to react? :3 I've been contemplating all day, because I don't want to stray too much from the loner-ness, but he's kind of intrigued and all ;) ))

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hey, it's layne. Arthur continued to watch the mysterious girl for a few more moments before solemnly pulling out a piece of charcoal and a sketchpad, beginning to sketch her. She'd make an excellent edition to his growing portfolio, and within minutes he'd sketched her down to the dimples on her cheeks. He watched her and her friends once more, and began to finish the drawing. Her friend looked out at him and he looked away as he began to draw. 'Jess, did you see that? Arthur's totally checking you out. You know, Arthur Vincent? He's really gorgeous, but totally badass.' Her friend gushed.

☯ ƒ ι η η у  ☯ | 78 comments When they finished their performance, Jessa's friend had come up to her and was freaking out about some guy that was checking her out. Arthur Vincent. Rings a bell, but I don't quite know him Jessamae thought.
"Hmm..I don't really know him, nor am I interested. He's probably just another guy trying to get into my pants,which I'm not very fond of." Jessa said to her friend. Though, was it bad to say that she was intrigued? By what her friend said,he was badass,which probably meant he was just some druggie or he got into lots of fights. Not her type of guy. Yet,she wanted to get to know him .
"Where did you say I could find him?" Jess asked her friend. She wanted to talk to this infamous Arthur,whoever he was.

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