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Please read!

-No sex scenes- romance is allowed but nothing past making out.
-Charries must be approved by a mod
-Try to keep the boy/girl ratio equal
-Request for an original character- these must be made like the other charries
-No killing off other people's charries unless they have approved you doing so
-please be active
-swearing is allowed but please use these little * star thingys when you feel it's appropriate
- But most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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- The Swear word 'bloody' is allowed.

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omg like hi (omfg) | 9 comments hehe, sorry seeing your profile pic and the word bloody makes me think of ron

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"Can someone PLEASE tell me what a bloody diadem is?" Ron Weasley, HP 7 part 2 lol, yes

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omg like hi (omfg) | 9 comments haha, did you memorize that?

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omg like hi (omfg) | 9 comments O_O kewl... I bow down to you oh mighty one

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sᴀʀᴀʜ | 633 comments Mod
:) Haha.

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