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message 1: by Ryan (new)

Ryan (rlnj83) | 140 comments Mod
On June 14 we will watch and discuss The Healthcare Movie. Should be an interesting one!

message 2: by Ryan (new)

Ryan (rlnj83) | 140 comments Mod
Since I missed this gathering Larry was kind enough to lend us the DVD. In a word, meh.


We already know this stuff! Sure, it's nice to be reminded but the people that really need to see this documentary either a) won't watch it, or b) will watch it with a lot of 'ya, buts.'

The part that bothered me the most concerned the semantics around "socialism." Socialism happens all the time in this country and hardly ever gets called out, unless we are talking about unemployment, welfare or healthcare. Furthermore, just because socialism is happening, doesn't mean it is necessarily bad. For instance, socialism gives us the following:

Social Security
Fire protection
Police protection
Public Schools (granted, could be better)

There are other positive socialist programs, and many negative ones too, but to discredit a program solely on the claim that it is 'socialist' is preposterous. In the case of healthcare many variables must be weighed and considered. We've tried it our way for a great while and we know the outcomes. Other countries, including Canada, have tried it their way for a great while and we know their outcomes too.

I really don't see how someone could have a hard time choosing...

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