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Cecilia walked into the auditorium, looking around the the huge room in awe. Yeah sure, she's grown up in large apartments and houses, but she's never been in a room like this before, it seemed so interesting and intriguing to her. She walked to the middle of the room and sat in one of the seats, fiddling with her dark, curly hair.

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Daniel watched, an amused expression on his face as he watched the girl enter the auditorium. An awed look flickered across her face at the vastness of the huge room and he chuckled. His laugh echoed through the auditorium and he stopped leaning on the wall, coming into the light from the shadows. "Hello there." His Australian accent gave his already handsome profile a twinge of cuteness to it, and would have any girl falling at her knees.

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Cecilia jerked slightly at the voice, it was quite deep and edgy mixed in with an Australian accent. He must be a male.
"Hello?" She called out, getting up from her seat and turned around to face it, looking around the room to find the person that disrupted her calm figure.

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"Hey. What are you doing in here?" He inquired, grinning at her surprised look. The girl rose from her seat, dark hair whipping around her face as she tried to find his figure. This one was amusing, he could tell.

Daniel's eyes flickered to her face and he smiled gently. He was a sweet guy, confident and proud.

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"I'm just...looking around" she trailed off once she found the owner of the voice. He wasn't that bad looking actually, not bad at all. Sure he looked a little cocky and ignorant, but who doesn't have those qualities somewhere in them?

"What are you doing here?" she asked him, repeating his question.

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"I was simply here to get some peace and quiet." He grinned, tilting his head to the side slightly. "Now you have to answer." He awaited her response with a smile plastering his lips.
For Daniel, smiling was like a second nature. It was just something he did. He fluidly moved to where the girl was standing and took a seat beside her, resting his feet on the chair in front.

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She rolled her eyes, now he was getting to her, his smile was annoying too...cute, but annoying.
"Well you're not gonna get it here that's for sure" she remarked, having the habit to bite people's head off at times, and she can talk herself out of anything.

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"If that's how you want to play," Daniel laced his fingers behind his head and leaned back, the chair creaking slightly under the added pressure. "What's your name, princess?" He asked, running his tongue along his lower lip.

This girl could bite, that was for sure. But Daniel planned to annoy her until she couldn't stand her any longer.

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Cecilia smirked, resting her hands on both sides of her seat, leaning in a little. He thinks that he can break her façade?
Ah uh.

"I'm Cecilia, and you are?" she asked, raising her eyebrows at him slightly.

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"Daniel Cook." He replied smoothly, noticing her change in tone. Sweetheart, you haven't even seen the beginning of his charm.

Grinning, the two dimples appeared in his cheeks on either side and he winked. "Which famous patriot had the pleasure of being your ascendant?" He asked genuinely, running a hand through his lovely hair.

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Cecilia sighed, sitting back in her seat but this time side ways with her legs resting on top of the seat arms and dangling into another seat so she could face him.

"Lucille Ball...why? Can't see the resemblance?" she asked in a mock tone, tilting her head to the side slightly.

"And you?" she asked, lifting her hand up towards him.

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"James Cook- discoverer of Australia." Daniel sung, his deep voice echoing through the room. Chuckling, he took Cecilia's hand and led her down the isle, lifting her body up on the stage.

When she was up, he jumped on the platform as well, shoving his hands in his pockets while a huge grin covered his face.

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Cecilia blinked up at him, not believing that he actually took her hand and dragged her onto the stage and then he LIFTED her up!
"I feel violated" she muttered, brushing her hands off her dark skinny jeans, a habit from when she was little.

"Why are we on the stage?" she asked him, raising her eyebrows at him slightly after recovering from her shock.

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"Don't you just feel like you're on top of the world when you're up here? Don't you feel like you can rule the world?" He exclaimed taking his hands out of his pocket and framing them in front of his body, shutting one eye and scoping the large auditorium.

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Cecilia rolled her eyes at his outburst.
"It's an auditorium, I feel like I'm gonna get annoyed soon because it reminds me of school, and school is annoying" she responded, sounding a little negative then she normally is. She doesn't the 'happy' and 'giddy' traits that a lot of the kids here have, it just doesn't suit her.

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"You're not very fun, are you?" Daniel murmured, and took a seat on the edge, his feet dangling like a pendulum on the side.

Daniel wasn't exactly a giddy or bubbly person- he just liked to see the positive side of everything. If Cecilia didn't like him the way he was, Dan was fine with it but he wasn't going to change himself to make someone else happy.

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Cecilia huffed, sitting beside him on the edge of the stage and let her legs dangle over the edge like a child.
"I'm very fun, thank you very much, It just depends on what your idea of fun is" she admitted, looking away from him and let her eyes drag across the room.

She liked being sarcastic and witty, it's just the way she is. To be honest she does see the negative side of things a lot, it's almost like normal for her to do that.

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"Then show me what your idea of fun is." Daniel laughed and waited expectantly for Cecilia to do something. He was clever, because if she refused, it would prove that she wasn't fun. If she agreed, she was unconsciously bending to his rule.

Grinning, Dan awaited her response while cracking his knuckles.

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Cecilia raised her eyebrows for a second before sighing, knowing that she doesn't have to prove anything to him. But she was doing this for fun after all.

She stood up from her seating position and gave Daniel a natural smile, a smile she normally doesn't use, and walked over to the back of the stage.

"Are you ready?" she called out, she hasn't done this in a while, but she was willing to try it again.

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"Clear to go, captain!" He shouted and scooted out of the way so she had a clear path. Honestly, Dan had no idea what she was doing but was willing to see how far she would go.

His eyes followed her as she walked to the back of the stage, past the grand piano. He was leaning back on the palms of his hands, a lazy grin plastered n his face like usual.

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The stage was pretty big, good enough for her to do this trick.
She ran forwards until she was in the middle of the stage and then did two front handsprings and finished off with a salto, landing perfectly on her feet past the stage.

She laughed, she hadn't gone that for years, it felt good to do it, really good. She didn't even think she'd make it off the stage but she did.

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Daniel clapped manically, his laughs booming through the auditorium. "I must say, that was pretty amazing." He chuckled and gazed at Cecilia in appreciation.

Her laugh was what made him smile though, as she didn't seem like the kind of person who did that often.

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"Of course it was" she smirked, lifting herself up on the edge of the stage again. She used to be pretty good at the gymnastics flips and tricks, she was going to classes and everything, but it became too stressful for her and stopped.

"So, I'm pretty fun huh? Admit it" she taunted playfully, poking his arm a few times before laughing. She didn't show this side to people, ever, so this whole day is starting out pretty weird.

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"Yes, you are pretty. And fun." He teased, hands raised in surrender. It was true, Cecilia had a gorgeous figure but he would save his thoughts for another time. Wouldn't want to get ahead of ourselves, would we?

In return to her playful pokes, Daniel tickled her sides and still had a smile on his face.

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Cecilia tried not to laugh, she was pretty ticklish ESPECIALLY on her sides. She slapped his hands off of her sides and scored away from him a little.
"Do not, touch me" she ordered, shaking her head at him with a light chuckle. She's never laughed this much in so long, with this guy as well, what an achievement. Could she be making a new friend?

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((Can they just be friends for a while? I don't want Dan in a relationship too soon:))

Daniel chuckled as Cecilia squealed. He knew where her ticklish spots were now. Mentally, he stored the information away for later uses.

"So... what should we do now?" He asked, scratching the back of his neck.

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((Sure! That's why I said "new friend" at the end ^^))

Cecilia shrugged, leaning back against her hands and thought for a moment. What was there to do around here? She's new here so she doesn't know much about this place.

"What are the FUN things to do around here?" She asked him, quirking and eyebrow.

((Should they lead on to be best friends in a way?))

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((Hey is it already Saturday where you are?))

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"I dunno. That's why I asked you." He said, as if it were all obvious. This girl seemed like the type of person he need as a friend. Heck, maybe he need a friend anyway! He scratched his chin thoughtfully, thinking of places to go.

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((Cool, it's 2AM here ^^))

Cecilia rolled her eyes, brushing a strand of her long, curly dark hair away from her face before answering.
"How about the cafeteria?" She asked after she heard her stomach rumble loudly. I was embarrassing, but she couldn't deny the fact that she was cry hungry, hasn't eaten since this morning.

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((It's 11 AM here >.>))

"Sounds good. I am so hungry I could eat a croc." Daniel said, a bit of Aussie slang coming through. He stood up and jumped from the stage, waiting for Cecilia to follow stead.

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Cecilia rolled her eyes at his choice of words, but jumped from the stage and followed after him.
"So when did you move here from Australia?" she asked him after she caught up with him and started to walk beside him.

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"About two years ago." He muttered, flashbacks flowing through his brain of how his father broke into tears at the dinner table and ordered their removal through the phone. How Daniel had been separated from his family by his father. It was truly devastating, but there was nothing he could do to fix it now.

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"Oh, how'd you like it over here?" she asked, changing to a more lighter subject after she noticed a slight change in his tone. She wasn't completely heartless and wasn't going to press on about it, she only just met him after all.

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"It's pretty good. I miss the surfing though." He said, longing entering his voice. When he was younger he had been the state champion for Queensland in Noosa. He smiled at the fond memories, remembering the utter serenity that came over him when he rode the waves. Going under the curl was like nothing you will ever experience before, it was magical.

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"You used to surf? That's awesome. When I was younger my dad tried to teach me how to surf in didn't work out so well" she chuckled, remembering how she used to fall almost every time she got up on the surf board. She noticed his tone went back to how it was a few minutes ago, she smiled a little.

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((Should we move to the cafeteria?))

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((Yeah sure, can you post first though?))

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