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new_user Or any video hosting site, for that matter. What are your favorite videos, funny or inspirational, that you've found online?

I personally love the Saturday Night Live digital shorts. They come up with the craziest stuff, especially that Andy Sandberg. LOL.

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I've looked up Andy Sandberg, yesterday on Youtube. He and his friend is funny.

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PT (spinsterpt) | 319 comments I loved that Chronicles of Narnia and **** in a box skits.
On, youtube I really like the baby throwing tantrum:
Also, you really should check out funny or die.
This one with Will Ferrell is very funny:

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new_user LOL, Shunda! I had to forward that baby video. Have you seen the Evil Eye Baby? Or the Charlie Bit My Finger video? LOL. I love how Charlie giggles. That's everyone's favorite. These college guys made a parody and that's hilarious too. This giant oaf plays Charlie.

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