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Without a doubt...


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from Rita - a blog and knitting store

from Bear - "knottybear is my ravelry name. Don't know about ravelry?"

(oh wow Bear I just checked this out, what a SUPERCOOL!!! idea, had to sign up for the wait list to get an invitation)

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OssifrageRage Should only take about a week for the invite! You are gonna love it!

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OssifrageRage Second that! I love knitty, it was my first knitting web site I found, how lucky is that?

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OssifrageRage Here is one I love for cute toy patterns -- I am making the TP Scarf right now.

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Bear, will you be my BFFE? You're hookin me up with all the GREAT stuff! Just joined hat attack, and I LOVE making toys, so I've just gone to this site and am printing away! Thanks lady, can't wait for tomorrow's daily tip!


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Lori Anderson (lorianderson) I LOVE Knitty, too! I have a couple of their t-shirts.

For BUYING yarn, I like and

And I love the free patterns at


Lori Anderson:The Store
Lori Anderson:The Blog

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OssifrageRage Christy -- I am so glad you are enjoying it!
I look forward to battling with you on hat attack, and seeing your stuff on ravelry!

Um, daily tip? Hahaha I have started a trend I may not be able to keep up with!

For buying yarn I love this site:

Nice yarns and a frequent buyer program, free shipping over $40. When you get your package it is the cutest thing ever with ribbons on the bags of yarn!

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Margarita | 2 comments I'm addicted to Ravelry. My name Ravelry name is Margaritah.

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Janet | 2 comments Without a doubt the most amazing knitting resource in the web world is Ravelry. I can spend hours browsing the patterns, yarns, groups and forums there. Not to mention being able to see what other people have done with what you might be knitting at the moment - or want to knit. I just finished the February baby sweater from Elizabeth Zimmerman and through the magic of ravelry, I knit the sleeves in the round per the idea of several other knitters. You can learn from other's mistakes too. It is just awesome.

Oh, I am Sailknitter there...

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Janet, I can't wait for my invitation!!! I think I should be expecting it this week. woo hoo!!!

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Stacy (sigma75) | 1 comments I agree about Raverly... best thing ever! I'm sigma75 over there too.

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Rita | 3 comments Thanks for listing this site! I'm loving those knitted hearts. Maybe for next year.

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Antoinette | 1 comments I love the book, and the website for

Michelle-Nicholle I love the book so much!! made my nephew the skull vest.

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Kristen | 3 comments don't forget:
It has some WONDERFUL patterns!

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Rachel | 4 comments Twist Collective is AWESOME!
Makes me want to put my needles down and jump right into the webzine..Ravelry & Knitty can also consume my afternoon.
If someone could figure out a way for me to knit and browse...Hmmmm...

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Rachel | 4 comments Also..Don't forget
Their yarn photos qualify as porn.

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Lisa | 10 comments Oh, yeah, you can lose a decade on ravelry! We need some sort of foot mouse for knitting and browsing!

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Lynn | 1 comments One of my favorite places is And Clara is wonderful!

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Lanea | 3 comments I'm a big fan of Knitters Review too.

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Marianne | 2 comments For buying yarn, - absolutely fabulous prices! There's also a littleknits group in Ravelry where the owner will post sales etc - she seems like a very sweet person!

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