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Great Book.

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Sheri Fields Read this book as a child from the school library. Love the book.

Tressa I read this book as a child, too. It's a story I've never forgotten. I even re-read it now as adult every few years. I can't wait for my son to become a young adult so I can push all my favorites on him.

Brigid ✩ amazing book, but it made me cry at the end. :'(

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Mary Yes, I too can't wait until my daughter is a few years older and can read this (as well as Tuck Everlasting, A Wrinkle in Time and Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH) Island of the Blue Dolphins really had an effect on me!

Melissa Wagner I have read this book so many times from elementary to now. I recently finished again (in 2 days) and I have to say I can't wait to read it again. Its like a great movie you can't stop watching.

Becky I remember how great this book was I read it over and over as I grew up. Its one I can't wait to pass on to the next generation!

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Tiffany Fraser This is a great book. I remember all the great projects that we did while reading it. I am looking forward to doing something similar with my class so they can look back as adults and remember how great it was!

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This is the best book ever!! But I don't think I could've done what she did.

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I have read this book so many times. I first read it in elemntary school, and now my seven year old brother wants me to read it to him. Karana is a very strong young woman. I would never be able to go through what she did.

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Jenny I decided to read this book a few years ago, but I couldn't finish it. It made me too sad

CMT-Michigan I think the thing that stuns me the most every time is that it is VERY loosely based on an actual girl who survived on her own for 18 years!

Proud Gaian i've always ben an excellent reader, and in third grade my teacher recommended this book to me. i read it in about a week and absolutely loved it.i too will never forget this book because of the inspiration that the characters instilled in me.

Danielle I read it over the summer going into 4th grade and i loved it

Bookworm i just finished the book and i loved it!! i can't believe it's actually based on a real story.

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Erin MacMahon i loved this book

Makaila there is a book #2 and i think it is called "Zai".

Feliks A sweet and powerful tale. A thousand times more worth translating to cinema than all the blockbusters of the last ten years. For example, where is Peter (money grubbing) Jackson to make a movie of this truly relevant, fundamental work? Oh no--instead, he takes the obvious box office buster and films Tolkien, books which adamantly don't need filming.

Meanwhile, 'Dolphin' --unsung, neglected--only because its not got a story which would give enough work to all the CGI and FX companies which make Hollywood movies these days.

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Lynn Mccorry I read the book when I was young and loved it. The full movie of it is available on youTube -

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Rob I too read this book as a teenager (It was a set text in a boys only high school!) I have encouraged my daughters and my senior primary students to read this book- 99% love it.
This is a terrific story about courage, self-reliance and survival. It reminds me of Armstrong Sperry's 'Call it Courage".
What I really love about "The Island of the Blue Dolphins" is that the hero is female- what a great role-model/inspiration for teenage girls (and boys for that matter(.

Ginger One of my favorites.. I cry at the end every time I reread it.. Always did this book with some of my reading groups each year.. Sad that not many new teachers or students know of this book.. I always recommend it to the students that I work with now..(Retired 2 years ago--do remedial math now.. )

Feliks Rob wrote: "What I really love about "The Island of the Blue Dolphins" is that the hero is female- what a great role-model/inspiration for teenage girls..."

Agreed. Really demarcates clearly, what utter garbage 'Twilight' is, by comparison. Makes you wonder.

Andrea Scott O'Dell's writings are always winners. I've never disliked any of his books, but Island of the Blue Dolphins was certainly one of my top favorite books as a child. I too cried when I read it, and I need to re-read it. And soon!

Katherine E-J Oh! I looooooove this book. This one I can happily classify as one of my favorites. I absolutely LOVE historical fiction and this book is not one to be missed. For school, I wrote a paper on this book and I had so much fun researching it. If you look up the book on Wikipedia, you will find the woman's real name and her story is amazing!! I definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves historical fiction and heartfelt stories.

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