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Thai Lit suggestions?

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message 1: by Danielle (new)

Danielle Hey guys, my best friend and her fiance are going to Thailand for their honeymoon this summer. They're interested in finding & reading books by Thai writers, specifically books of fiction. Do you guys have any suggestions?

message 2: by Maeyu (new)

Maeyu | 1 comments I have read a few Thai novels, though they probably aren't a representative sample of Thai literature:

Adirex, Paul. (1994). The Pirates of Tarutao. Aires Books: Bankgok, Thailand. ISBN 974-87218-6-8. 328 pp. An interesting story that moves between the borders of Malaysia and Thailand, this tale is one of pirates and greed, good and evil. An American becomes involved in hijacking ships that pass an island which houses a Thai prison, as he seeks his fortune, away from the family business. British soldiers seeking escapees also become involved in stopping the pirates, while living on the same island with them. Interesting description of the effect of WWII on some groups in Asia. A gripping story which holds your attention until the end. 8/10.

Draskau, Jennifer (editor). (1975). Taw and other Thai Stories. Heinemann Educational Books (Asia) Ltd. Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Pramoj, Kukrit. (1954). Many Lives. Translated by Meredith Borthwick, 1995. Silkworm Books. ISBN 974-7100-67-3. 227 pp. This book tells the stories of a variety of Thai people who all end up drowning when a boat overturns on a river. Useful for providing insight into the lives of ordinary people, many of whom are from the country and who aspire to move to Bangkok. The role of Buddhism in daily lives is also demonstrated in some of the stories.

Surangkhanang, K. (1994). The Prostitute. Translated from the Thai by David Smyth. First published in 1937 in Thailand. Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia: Oxford University Press. ISBN 967 65 3079 4. An interesting story of a young country girl who is lured away from her home with her parents and two brothers by an attractive, worldy man from Bangkok. He quickly takes her to a madam in a brothel, and she is forced to become a prostitute in order to live.

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