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message 1: by Sarah (last edited Apr 22, 2009 08:51AM) (new)

Sarah (songgirl7) Rainn Wilson is not only funny, he's also a music lover. He posted this on Twitter and it made me think. I'm off to look at iTunes right now to see what I've listened to most since 4/22/08. What's the soundtrack of YOUR year? Why?


message 2: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 13815 comments Is there an easy way to see what you've listened to most since a specific date?

message 3: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (songgirl7) "Come Home" - OneRepublic
I think this song has a gorgeous melody that really fits Ryan Tedder's voice, especially when he goes into the falsetto in the chorus. It's a shame his voice is no where near as good live.

"Supermassive Black Hole" - Muse
Say what you will about Twilight, but it really does have great music. Expect to see several others from the soundtrack on my list. I like this one because it has a bit of a different sound than a lot of other Muse stuff, in that Bellamy sings most of this in the falsetto. It's also got a great beat for driving or cleaning the house.

"Almost Honest" and "Two Cups of Coffee" - Josh Kelley
I first discovered Josh's music in '07 but I didn't really appreciate it until around last fall. He's a singer/songwriter with a cool and easy vibe.

"Charmed" - Lisbeth Scott
Just a beautiful song sung by a beautiful voice. It makes me want to dance.

"The Way We Get By" - Spoon
This had been on my iTunes for a while and came up several months ago when I had songs on shuffle while driving to the bay area. I put it on repeat and listened to it a few times. It's such a fun beat. I love this band.

"A Million Ways" - OK Go with Bonerama
I've been a Bonerama fan for forever. I love the way they play rock and funk with 4 trombones, a guitar, and drums. Until recently, the bass line was played by a tuba. Awesome. When they collaborated with OK Go they got a lot of high profile gigs. It's a great song.

"I Think It's Going to Rain Today" - Claudine Longet
I heard her version of Randy Newman's song on a TV show during a sad scene and it broke my heart. So different from her pop stuff. Her accent is so weird on this song but it just makes it even more haunting in my opinion. Unfortunately her version can't be downloaded on iTunes and I don't think anyone else's rendition comes close.

"Never Think" and "Let Me Sign" - Rob Pattinson
This guy is WAY more talented as a musician than he is an actor. The long guitar intro to Never Think is just gorgeous. On "Let Me Sign" he does this growly thing with his voice that's kind of reminiscent of Tom Waits. Pattinson should stop acting and start recording immediately if not sooner.

"Chelsea Dagger" - The Fratellis
Another cool beat that I love to bop around to.

"Breathe Me" - Sia
I'm a sucker for a song with a beautiful piano or guitar intro. This is one of them

"9 Crimes" - Damien Rice
Holy poo, where has Damien Rice been all my life? This song is awesome and because of it I discovered a new fave artist.

"Flightless Bird" - Iron & Wine
Iron & Wine is awesome and this is another time when the Twilight soundrack got things exactly right. Love the chorus so much.

"Scratch" - Kendall Payne
The strings on this song are awesome. I get really excited when I hear cello in pop music. Kendall Payne has a really beautiful voice and the lyrics make me sad and hopeful at the same time.

"Here Comes the Flood" - Peter Gabriel
I've loved Peter Gabriel since back in the day. This song is just uber pretty. It's him and a piano and it's perfect.

All of Lucia di Lammermoor by Donizetti
I saw the Met's simulcast of this opera earlier this year and now I'm obsessed with it.

message 4: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (songgirl7) Sort by Date Played and then keep an eye on the play count.

message 5: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 13815 comments That's what I was afraid of... hmm...

Jackie "the Librarian" | 8993 comments I'm at work, and can't check until this evening, but I like this question a lot!

message 7: by RandomAnthony (new)

RandomAnthony | 14536 comments Yes, me too...more on this later. I'll try to narrow it to a top ten:)

message 8: by Chloe (new)

Chloe (countessofblooms) | 347 comments What a great topic idea! This was easier than it could have been for me, I still have all of my playlists from last year. It's a little ridiculous just how many of these songs ended up on so many different lists:

"Gronlandic Edit" - Of Montreal
This was a slow burner off of Of Montreal's 2007 record "Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?" Yet listening to Kevin Barnes recount losing his mind in a Norway apartment with such a funky groove is irresistibly fun. Key lyric: "Physics makes us all its bitches."

"Slow Descent Into Alcoholism" - The New Pornographers
One of the happiest songs you've ever heard about substance abuse. Carl Newman and Neko Case's harmonies are incredibly fun and this song has been a roadtrip favorite for a while. Power pop at its absolute best.

"I Wanna Take You Higher" - Sly & The Family Stone
Last year involved a lot of flying on my part and this song was my good luck/plane isn't going to crash on take-off charm. Sure, I broke the rules and surreptitiously kept my ear bud in, but it was pure magic.

"How A Resurrection Really Feels" - The Hold Steady
The opening riff sounds cadged from Bowie's "Sweet Head" and the lyrics are about a junkie's redemption all barked in Craig Finn's odd barking/singing style. The Hold Steady's songs are always great stories and this album-ender from 2005's "Seperation Sunday" is the happy ending that album needed. We've seen The Hold Steady over 6 times (only 2x in 2008 though) but they only (finally) played this song as the 2nd encore the last time they went through Tucson. It was transcendent.

"Gwely Mernans" - Aphex Twin
This song demands good speakers. Good speakers with a sub that can pick up bass notes that you don't hear so much as feel inside your bones. Simple rhythmic atmospherics that sound like a giant generator starting up, which I find oddly soothing. Bass makes me happy.

"Maggot Brain" - Funkadelic
What could possibly be better than listening to Eddie Hazel spend ten minutes noodling with some of the most tripped out guitar sounds I've ever heard? This song sounds like it was summoned from murky bong water that had been spilled on bright orange shag carpeting. One listen reveals why Ween wrote a song for him.

"Red And Purple" - Dodos
It's astounding just how many layers of sound this two-piece is capable of generating with just their acoustic guitar and drums. A rollicking beat and deftly textured harmonies, with just a small dose of xylophone for whimsy made this song into a summertime staple last year.

"C'mon Sea Legs" - Immaculate Machine
Singer Kathryn Calder (who is also a newer member of The New Pornographers) was my indie crush du jour for a good many months last year. Such an expressive voice, a fun pop song, all slowly building to a mad crescendo that, once it breaks, leaves you helpless to do anything else but dance around the room with a shit-eating grin on your face. Perfect to change a bad day to a good one.

"Heartbeats" - The Knife
Because nothing says dance party like a cover of a Jose Gonzalez song. Scuzzy electro beats that sound like they've been smuggled across some border and singer Karin Dreijer Andersson brings the perfect mix of brash and coy to this late night staple.

"Handshakes" - Metric
Remember how I said Kathryn Calder was my indie crush for a while? She was only finally supplanted by Metric singer Emily Haines after seeing them live at Coachella. It took me a while to get into Metric (Haines has a unique style that involves her zigging whenever I think that she should zag, but it's perfect for what they do and always keeps you guessing) but once I did, it was all over for me. Jangling guitars, easy-to-sing-along-with "ooo-ooo-oo" parts and a vibrant stage presence make Metric a not to miss band. Key Lyric: "Buy this car to drive to work, drive to work to pay for this car."

message 9: by Kevin (new)

Kevin  (ksprink) | 11469 comments great list logan. a cool mix.

"I Wanna Take You Higher" - Sly & The Family Stone
a great song. try the Robert Randolf version too

"Maggot Brain" - Funkadelic
i am a huge Funkadelic / Parliament fan from way back.

message 10: by Matthieu (new)

Matthieu | 1009 comments I: "Strawberry Hill" - Red House Painters

Cathartic, beautiful, real.

II: "Bottled Mouth" - Spent

I love Annie.

III: "17 Years (Teen Smoking)" - Snailhouse

Brutal honesty. Recollection and regret :: high school and painful nostalgia.

IV: "Wintermitts" - Julie Doiron

I went to see Julie play with Calvin Johnson (of Beat Happening/Halo Benders fame) at the First Unitarian Church in Philly. One of the most intimate live performances I've ever seen. She's amazing.

V: "Mountaintops" - Cat Power

Driving from Monterey to Santa Barbara. The sun seen through half-closed lids. I miss you, Chan. Come visit Emily, ok?

VI: "Love $$$" - Helium

The beauty of alternate tunings.

VII: "100,000 Fireflies" - The Magnetic Fields

All our friends are in New York...

VIII: "Call It Sane" - Faraquet

Math rock, math rock, math rock... you led me through 9th grade.

IX: "Rowboat" - Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton

I love Metric, but I find Emily's solo stuff to be even better.

X: "Lamplight" - The Clientele

A favourite for years. One of the most beautiful songs ever written.

message 11: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 13815 comments I usually make a mix of my favorite new music of the past year every December, but didn't do it this year -- I didn't buy enough new music in 2008. Also, I don't know if this is accurately my top songs of the last year since it doesn't count iPod listens (and thus the songs I listen to over and over at the gym, mostly the Distillers and the Clash) or CDs in the car (in which case, the soundtrack would have been Spoon's Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga for a good part of the year). Also, it doesn't differentiate between songs I listed to and songs I listed to the end of over and over to make sure it flowed well with another song on a mix. In other words, this feels arbitrary...

That said, according to iTunes:
1. Seneca Falls - The Distillers.

I put that on my Shebang as well - it's #1 most played in my iTunes, but also the CD is usually in my car, and it's the best song for getting a little extra out of myself at the gym. I never get tired of it. It's great for the end of the day driving out of work, too.

2. Fidelity - Regina Spektor

Catchy. I didn't realize I had listened to it that much.

3. Modern Love - David Bowie

I DJed my mother's wedding and a friend's wedding, and I know this made it on both playlists. It's my favorite 1980s Bowie song.

4. Oliver's Army - Elvis Costello

Maybe my favorite Elvis song? I love it.

5. The Saddest Day of My Life - Shudder to Think

My favorite StT song. Another one I like to listen to loud. Great changes.

6. If it Be Your Will - Antony

Antony's astoundingly gorgeous cover of a Leonard Cohen song.

7. Take These Thoughts - Chris & Thomas

I don't know who these guys are, but I heard this song on NPR's SXSW preview a few years ago and I loved it.

8. Higher & Higher - Jackie Wilson
9. I Want You Back - The Jackson 5

Self explanatory.

10. No Bad News - Patty Griffin
Really should have made it on my spring shebang. Feel good loud car song.

11. 7 - Prince
One of my favorite Prince songs, for reasons unfathomable.

12. White Daisy Passing - Rocky Votolato
Pretty, pretty song.

13.The Underdog - Spoon
The CD was in my car a lot AND it has a lot of plays on my iTunes. I dig the whole record.

14. Down in the Valley - The Broken West

15.New Orange Bike - Sister Suvi
Super strange band from Canada. We've played with them a few times. I love the way a girl with a ukelele can snarl "I am the hottest motherf**er in this room/look at my new orange bike"

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