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Sara I just started this book and was struck by how pleasing it is to read. I love how the pages are longer, the lines are shorter, and the spacing is just a little bit wider.
Also, I love the freedom, and use, of punctuation. Like e e cummings, it gives us another perspective of language (and writing). It's broadening.

Marcia I found the author's use of his literary "freedom" to be very distracting. However... now that I'm finished I think that he did it for effect. It's a crude story with crude writing and a cruel message. I can't say I liked the book, not with how it left me feeling; but I didn't hate it because it really made me think. It's one of those books that broadens you mind, but maybe the places it broadened it to are better left alone.

Ollie I think it was intentional to stay away from conventional punctuation, etc - a sort of reflection of the fall of civilization, the coming apart of all structures man had built through out the ages. And it also added to the sense of unease and fast-pace of the book.

Joey Profit I've read No Country for Old men and started reading Blood Meridian. The style of punctuation, lack of quotation marks etc., is not original to The Road. This is just his style of writing.

Nate D Yeah, much is made of the punctuation in the Road, but it's hardly unique within the McCarthy catalogue. Which is not to say that it doesn't work well in this case.

Bobby Halvorson what do you mean it made you think? think about what? nothing happened in the whole book. the only thing that could make you think is how he portrays man's nature under desperation, but that's an incredibly old ethical study. this book was boring as all hell. my mind didn't move a muscle

Eric Hertenstein I liked the wide spacing too, but what's with the amusement park jungle-ride numbering? Hilarious.

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