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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm just curious as to how many girls on here are a member of thier presidency. I'm a beehive and I was just curious as to what the presidency does. Don't say anything if it's like confidential or something!! I don't want to be nosy or anything.

U eated my cookie (spongebob) | 50 comments umm i used to be the beehive president!

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

That's cool! I'll tell you what I am on Sunday. No one's supposed to know.

U eated my cookie (spongebob) | 50 comments He he good luck with wateva it is!!

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Thanks! I think the word is out! I'm the new beehive prez!!!

U eated my cookie (spongebob) | 50 comments He he have fun with that!!!! yay for you!

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

thanks! any tips?

message 8: by Caitlan (new)

Caitlan (lionesserampant) oh...GOOD LUCK AUD!!!...this makes me feel even worse though...ive never been anything...not even secretary...and i dont think i ever will be...*sob*sob*

U eated my cookie (spongebob) | 50 comments Umm just be kind to the girls... Make them laugh and want to come to events!

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

Okay! Thanks! It's okay Whyte, your day will come.

message 11: by Kami ♥ (new)

Kami ♥  C. | 4 comments I am the Beehive 1st councler. its fun. U get to plan fun acitvities.

message 12: by Emsugarbabe (new)

Emsugarbabe | 2 comments i used to be one! There were quite a few class presidency mettings and you will have BYC every month after church!! (BYC is bishops youth concil were you tell the bishopric and other your activites and check up on other things!)

♫♪ Olivia ♪♫ | 171 comments Mod
i used to be beehive secretary, then i graduated into mia maids.. :)

message 14: by Abbigail (new)

Abbigail Nielsen (Abberz) | 177 comments i'm not anything...*SIGH* JK!!!

message 15: by Caitlan (new)

Caitlan (lionesserampant) haha---aud, dont tell anyone else, but im gonna be the miamaid 2nd counselour(?)so ya, scratch what i just said, and jess is laurel secretary...

U eated my cookie (spongebob) | 50 comments Good luck and congrats with your jobs!

message 17: by Caitlan (new)

Caitlan (lionesserampant) so, aud, do you know when BYC is???

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

It's supposed to be every first sunday at 10:00 I THINK!!!! I'll tell u when I know 4 sho!!

message 19: by Sierra (new)

Sierra | 156 comments Hey Aud, GOOD LUCK!!! AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got in YW so i can't really say i have a presidency position. *WAH!!!* No it's ok, I have only been in for 3 months now so.... the day will come!

message 20: by Caitlan (new)

Caitlan (lionesserampant) yeah, it will, i had been in YW for 3 yrs and i just got into the prezidency, so it wil come, dont fret!

message 21: by Sierra (new)

Sierra | 156 comments I'm not. and i won't.......

message 22: by Caitlan (new)

Caitlan (lionesserampant) kk

message 23: by Abbigail (new)

Abbigail Nielsen (Abberz) | 177 comments i've been in YW for almost a year and i still don't have a presidency position

message 24: by Savannah (new)

Savannah (namesavannah-catcherinsoftball) I got into Y/W in October 2008. I was in for about a month and I was called as Beehive 2nd Counselor. I was the one who always ended up going to BYC, because everyone else in the presidency always ended up having to leave or whatever. I just got released as 2nd Counselor and called as Beehive President. It's pretty cool and I enjoy it. Now i like going to BYC. Our BYC is every 3rd Sunday 15 minutes after church, so at 12:15. I used to not like going, but now I enjoy it. (most the time at least)

message 25: by Sierra (new)

Sierra | 156 comments That's cool for both of u. It sounds fun going to BYC and being in charge of all the Beehives so i hope that day comes soon!

message 26: by Abbigail (new)

Abbigail Nielsen (Abberz) | 177 comments lol

message 27: by Kate (new)

Kate If you don't have a calling- don't think you're bad! Every person is called for a reason whether it is to help the people around them or to help the person with the calling. Just think that someone really needs it right now. Whether it's just helping one other person with a little thing or it's as big as they start coming to church because they have a calling now and they feel needed. So don't feel bad if you don't have a calling.

message 28: by Savannah (new)

Savannah (namesavannah-catcherinsoftball) I TOTALLY beleivee that....One of my best friends isn't lds. BUT, she LOVES to read, like I do. And she loves lds books that I give her to read. It's peaking her interest and I hope that I will be able to help others too!

message 29: by Sierra (new)

Sierra | 156 comments That's cool Savannah! I wish that would happen with my friends but they all have very strong religions and their parents won't let them even come over. It stinks.

message 30: by Abbigail (new)

Abbigail Nielsen (Abberz) | 177 comments I don't really have any non-member friends. I have a friend who has like three piercings in each ear and one in her nose but she's LDS and goes to church regularly. But she's had a pretty hard life. Her mom's been divorced a lot of times and it's been really hard for her.

message 31: by Savannah (new)

Savannah (namesavannah-catcherinsoftball) Ya, My friend is SUPER attached to her Grandma and her grandma goes to a Nazarene church....I know this is horrible...but i think when her grandma passes and after she's gotten over it...i think that she will be ready to be baptized.....I really want to go on a mission now though!!!!

message 32: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah there's a girl named Lexi and she invited one of her good friends to Girl's Camp! So I hope she joins the church/gets baptized.

message 33: by Savannah (new)

Savannah (namesavannah-catcherinsoftball) My friend was gonna come to girls camp with me this year, but it was to short notice...but she's coming next year!

message 34: by Sierra (new)

Sierra | 156 comments That's cool. I wish stuff like that would happen more often though. I mean, what this world is coming to is really disappointing...I wish it was easier for us. But life is LIFE!

message 35: by Kate (new)

Kate How great will be your joy if you bring one soul unto Him. That includes you! So if you aren't having amazing missionary experiences- don't feel bad! Just "Be an example of the believers in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity." If you just choose the right and stand up for your beliefs someone will notice you. You will touch someone! Maybe YOU wont convert them, but maybe they will join the church someday because of YOUR example!

message 36: by Sierra (new)

Sierra | 156 comments That's nice! Thanks! I love this group!!!

message 37: by Savannah (new)

Savannah (namesavannah-catcherinsoftball) =) I hope that my friend will soon realize the truth!

message 38: by Abbigail (new)

Abbigail Nielsen (Abberz) | 177 comments :D

message 39: by Savannah (new)

Savannah (namesavannah-catcherinsoftball) =D

message 40: by Abbigail (last edited Jun 29, 2009 03:02PM) (new)

Abbigail Nielsen (Abberz) | 177 comments ~:> That's a chicken!

message 41: by Savannah (new)

Savannah (namesavannah-catcherinsoftball) very interesting....=) look at this bunny...a friend of mine had it on her email it's really cool k...u ready?


message 42: by Savannah (new)

Savannah (namesavannah-catcherinsoftball) (\_/)

message 43: by Sierra (last edited Jun 29, 2009 03:54PM) (new)

Sierra | 156 comments

(') (')

message 44: by Sierra (new)

Sierra | 156 comments I think i saw that before on a fwd. =) is her name Taylor?

message 45: by Kate (new)

Kate that is seriously one of the coolest things I've seen!

LOL! I think I did my rabbit wrong! It's...umm...overweight?

message 46: by Abbigail (new)

Abbigail Nielsen (Abberz) | 177 comments


message 47: by Sierra (new)

Sierra | 156 comments


LOL i love doing it!

message 48: by Abbigail (new)

Abbigail Nielsen (Abberz) | 177 comments lol!

message 49: by Sierra (new)

Sierra | 156 comments :)

message 50: by Bee (last edited Jul 06, 2009 08:26AM) (new)

Bee (grrrraviet) | 10 comments I've been in YW for.. 2 months and 1 week.. I haven't been called to anything yet! =] nice smileys, chickens, and bunnies everybody!

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