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message 1: by Aki (new)

Aki | 4 comments Thanks for reading. Here it goes. Okay I think that this is a Japanese short story and it involves a kid who spends a lot of time in a bakery and grows up loving the smell of fresh bread. One night he goes to a local McDonald's and force the workers to give him a bunch of cheeseburgers. I think.


message 2: by Dini (new)

Dini Hi Aki, I think you're looking for The Second Bakery Attack by Haruki Murakami. You can find the story in his short story collection, The Elephant Vanishes. Hope that helps.

message 3: by Aki (new)

Aki | 4 comments Dini-

Thanks for responding so quickly! I read this book years ago and I forgot what a big fan I was of Murakami's work. I can't wait to re-read this book. Thank you again!

Kind Regards,


message 4: by Dini (new)

Dini Your welcome, Aki! My sister is a Murakami fan, and I've only read half of The Elephant Vanishes because quite frankly, he confuses me at times. Haven't given up on him though...

Glad I could help,

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