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Banned Books

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Mimi | 1 comments As a teacher, I've found that teaching a banned book unit is a good way to get students of different reading levels and abilities to talk to each other about books that they like. I give them a list of 100 or so, ranging from mid-school level to high school and beyond. The students are sent home with a letter that the parents must sign. The student's choice has to be approved (or in some cases it is selected) by the parents. We have some lively discussions about censorship, because there are books of all levels (including picture books!) that have been banned or challenged by protective parents or interest/religous groups. Some of the books that are popular are Salinger's CATCHER IN THE RYE, Orwell's 1984, Bradbury's FARENHEIT 451, All of Rowling's Harry Potter books, Alice Walker's THE COLOR PURPLE, the list is vast. There are some student videos on YouTube you can check out, if you type in Banned Books, or go to the American Library Association website and type in censorship. These will list far more books than I could type in here.

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Subarashi | 4 comments Mod
Thank you Mimi! That's an excellent idea. I hadn't even thought of banned books. It would be such a good intriguing way to introduce a book by discussing the whys and whens of its banning. I'm bookmarking that ala page by the way. Thanks!

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