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message 1: by [deleted user] (last edited Jan 22, 2008 06:27PM) (new)

I love the pics of the HMS Warrior! I was in San Diego in 2006 and got to see the HMS Surprise on which Master and Commander was filmed. I have the pics posted on my Flickr page:

I hope you all enjoy.

message 2: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (melissaharl) | 21 comments Thanks, Matthew, I got to see those ships too when i was there this past November. A couple of my friends did the one-week sailing adventures on Surprise when she was still the HMS "Rose."

message 3: by Debbie (new)

Debbie Moorhouse Great photos, Matthew! Thanks for sharing :).

message 4: by Monissa, Deck Hand (new)

Monissa | 87 comments Mod
Nice photos. Thanks!

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