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Berlin Alexanderplatz Anyone?

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message 1: by Kimley (new)

Kimley | 201 comments Mod
So, a few of you said you'd be interested in doing a side reading/viewing of this work but not too many of you...

I just thought I'd take a slightly more "official" vote.

Please put your name here if you'd be interested in starting Berlin Alexanderplatz as a side discussion starting in February and probably going on for more than a month considering the length of the book and film.

I'll start by saying I'm definitely in!

message 2: by Robert (new)

Robert | 111 comments I'll go for it...if my library picks up the Criterion discs in time.
I suppose I can go the Netflix route as well..
I already have the novel, and a file of material on the film from its original release.
(Besides, "The Leopard" is a pretty short book...)

message 3: by Scoobs (new)

Scoobs | 5 comments what he said.
im waiting for my library to pick up the criterion edition. i guess they have it on vhs in storage somewhere. im scared to ask where the film storage is.

message 4: by Jim (new)

Jim | 45 comments I'm up for it.

message 5: by Kimley (new)

Kimley | 201 comments Mod
Well.... we didn't get much of a response here (and I think libraries are still waiting to get this-mine doesn't have the Criterion discs yet) so I've kept it on the voting list for March. I'd say let's wait until we can get a few more people interested.

Of course, if any of you do start it, then go ahead and start discussing it! It might get a few more people interested.

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