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Jack, Schyler, Mimi

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*Michelle* Who do you prefer with who?

Jenn Well, I hate Mimi.
She's kind of a b*tch.

*Michelle* Talk about it. I hate the ending of Revalation with Mimi and Jack. :(

*Michelle* Does anyone know if there is another book in the series?

Jenn Michelle, you are posting on the thread from the page of the next book.
Of course there is another book.
Are you kidding me? -_-

The ending was super lame, also.

*Michelle* I am talking about if there is a book in the series after this book(The Van Alen Legacy).

message 7: by Elaine (last edited Apr 24, 2009 05:52PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Elaine yes, there is. there will probably be about 9 books

*Michelle* wow. thats a lot of books to read. i just hope that all of them will be as good as the first 3 books.

Aikosilverfangs okay, so personally, i think Jack
is a dick !!! seriously, how are is
he going to tell Sky that he loves
her and prefers her, then all of a
sudden hes making out with Mimi !!?
like, $h*t ! it made me soo angry.
see, Oliver has ALWAYS been nice to
Sky and is always there for her. i
mean, im not sure i want them to end
up together because i just dont get
that connection, but id prefer Oliver
to the douche Jack. what a jerk !-__-

*Michelle* I totally agree with you, Aikosilverfangs. If Jack loves Sky, than he would fight back to get her and would not go thru with the ceremony that declares Mimi and Jack be together again. If I was Schyler, than I would give Oliver a chance just like Jack. I have a feeling that during the ceremony, Schyler will jealous and try to stop it.

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Mandy I am not through with the third book yet, but I think that Sky and Jack should be together, Mimi is a complete bitch!

*Michelle* I think that Jack shouldn't be with Mimi or Schyler. Jack doesn't deserve Schyler, and Mimi doesn't deserve Jack either. Jack should be with someone else. Jack is soo weird. First he likes Schyler's mom (his aunt) and then he likes Schyler after realizing that he can't have Schyler's mom cause she is in a coma thing. If Jack liked Schyler's mom, then he should have gotten away from Mimi and went for her.

Alexandra Hutton okay. .im so voting for sky and jack.. tho i agree that jack doesnt deserve her.. but mimi is definatly a bitch!!!

*Michelle* I would prefer Schyler and Jack over Mimi and Jack. Mimi needs to learn that Jack and her aren't always going to be together.

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Clara I think Schyler and Oliver should get together... but according to the description that doesn't happen? Boooo.

*Michelle* Well, who knows? They could get together in The Van Alen Legacy. I totally hope so.

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Magen as Michelle said i prefer schyler and jack over mimi and jack. mimi is a bitch and needs to realize that just because they have a bond doesnt mean that they are automaticaly going to be together. they can be with whoever they want to be with. plus in order for mimi and jack to be together they have to renew their bond if i was jack i wouldnt renew my bond with mimi although it would make me more powerful i dont really think that he loves her as much as mimi thinks

have you ever realized that you never hear what the guys of the books have to say? its always the girls point of view. just a thought

Bookfan I sooo! think jack and schyler should be together!!!!!
Mimi is a loser!!!

*Michelle* I agree with you Bookfan!

message 20: by Maureen (new)

Maureen alright if there brother and sister how the hell are they supposed to marry and its kind of gross they hooked up. mimi is a bitch though. jack and schyular were really cute but if he broke the bond he could end up like allegra.

Bookfan I feel sooo bad for sky!!! She loves Jack but she doesnt want 2 hurt him:( Mimi knows that so she used it aganist sky plus sky hirt oliver!

*Michelle* allegra only ended up the way she is, because she wanted to after Schyler's dad died. allegra wanted to be like that.

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Maureen but how can you want to be like that and not be with your children and also she knew what would happen if she left sky with cordelia

Bookfan Good Point!!!!!

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Maureen maybe allegra will wake to help fight the sliver bloods one last time and to avenage her father and mother's deaths

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Magen wow! thats a really good idea : ) but if she wakes up charles force would have to kill her for the cycle. that would totally suck!!!
do you think he would kill her though?

Jordyn Evans he would never kill allegra!!! that would just be wrong

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Carina Nguyen Go to and type in BLUEBLOODS in all caps! Remember to read it only after you finished Revelations.

*Michelle* ok Carina!

*Michelle* OMG!! I am soo sad. Carina, thank you!!! I was wondering what happened in between. Schyler shouldn't have done that. Mimi shouldn't have told her that either.

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Jordyn Evans OMG i am so mad. sky just did the most stupidest thing i have seen her do YET !!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 33: by Maureen (new)

Maureen i kno but she had to do it but i cant believe he would go to destroy mimi to having like an orgasim with her and they fact there brother and sister is utterly disturbing

Reabella Jack kept hinting there was a way to break the bond. Maybe there is. Maybe Mimi will end up being corrupted or something... personally I think it's going to end with Jack dying to save Shuyler and her ending up with Ollie.

message 35: by Maureen (new)

Maureen true but wat if she does exactly what allegra did after ollie dyes she goes into a coma

Reabella Also Shuyler is a new soul, she shouldn't be damned to spend eternity without forging a bond. Jack and Mimi, should NOT be together, Mimi deserves a schmuck like Kingsley. Speaking of which, what every happened between the time they left the massacre to the time they got back to NY. Senator Lywellen is corrupted and he made it out. How do we know that she wasn't attacked and going to try and corrupt Jack?

message 37: by Maureen (new)

Maureen exactly

Bethany Harvey Paterno I really hope Jack and Schyler get together----FINALLY! How many more books will that attraction be drug out? And tell me this- who even likes mimi?

Julia Kennedy I NEED Jack and Schyler to be together in the end. I swear, I will hate this series if he ends up with Mimi and she ends up with Oliver. And I can't believe she told Jack that horrible lie! I am going to stay positive for the fourth book--hopefully it lives up to the other ones. And that it puts Schyler and Jack together :)
Oh, and I HATE Mimi. I hope she ends up with nobody haha.

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Magen Me too if jack and schyler aren't together ill seriously scream!! i also agree that mimi shouldnt be with anyone she should haveto go through life looking at how happy jack and schyler are without her. and how long is schyler going to put up with mimis crap anyway?

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Maureen true but cant she just move back into her old house?? i mean she is techenically an adult cause shes a senior and is over eighteen so if she moves back in there she and jack can meet there mimi will never know and schyuler and jack wouldnt have the problem of going all the way across town to the perry street apartment

Julia Kennedy iheartdimitribelivok, did you read the third book yet? because i believe they give the answer away there :)
and magen...I agree! I think Schyler should just tell Mimi straight up what the deal is, and how nobody likes her. and then maybe she'll go away..haha.

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Maureen yeah i read all of them but like if jack really believed in them he wouldnt of gone striaght to mimmi he would of found a way to win schulyer back

Mandy Erg. I don't know why you all love Jack so much. I mean, Mimi may be a witch but um, hello, Jack is cheating on her.So, after a good enternaity together his just going to leave her? I don't care how anoying Mimi is, thats jerky. And the book seris has pretty much said that his had "crushes" on others before, including schylurs mom.

And, you know, I honestly think Schyler is a pretty weak character. I mean what type of idiot would agree to her and jacks arangement is beyond me..

Reabella Mandy, did you even read the hidden chapter? Go to and type in BLUEBLOODS in all caps! Jack loves schuyler it is from his point of view and it lets you know that he was only friends with Allegra. They we keeping it secret because it was fodbidden! not because he really wants MiMi

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Magen also mandy if you read the hidden chapter it hints that while he was bonded to mimi he didnt actually like it, it was like he was distracted by another girl who was out in the world and he just hadnt found her yet. and now hes found her and has fallen in love. and technically hes not cheating on mimi because theyre just brother and sister.

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Maureen exactlyy

Julia Kennedy I completely agree with everything Reabella and Magen said. except one thing, even though Jack and Mimi are brother and sister now, they just happened to be born that way. If they decide to bond together, then they perform something or other so that none of the humans remember that they were brother and sister, they just think of them as husband and wife or whatever. so technically they're brother and sister, but it doesn't really matter in the end.

message 49: by Maureen (new)

Maureen but like what about how everyone knows there brother and sister and there getting married so like its kind of weird

Reabella let not forget Jack is Schuylers cousin!

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