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Among the Hidden

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message 1: by Hazel (new)

Hazel (hydrangia) | 19 comments Mod
Has anyone read the among the hidden series??? if so, were they good??? and what do u think of the writer margaret peterson haddix???

message 2: by Krissy (new)

Krissy (kenny) | 1 comments I've read them. I think they're pretty good but I read a lot so compared to some of my other books...I'd give them a 4. Margaret Peterson Haddix...idk about her.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

i haven't read them. what are they about?

MusicFrogg126♪ (musicfrogg126) I liked it. finish the series. But i hated the ending of the 1st book, but dont worry im no spoiler.

message 5: by Bree (new)

Bree (breej6434) I LOVED these books TOO!! You know what's cool? All the books you guys are talking about I've read and enjoyed!! (so far.......)

message 6: by Hazel (new)

Hazel (hydrangia) | 19 comments Mod
so far.

message 7: by Hazel (new)

Hazel (hydrangia) | 19 comments Mod
the books r about these third children that r illegal and how they like sneak out and do all this stuff and people almost find out and . . . . they're really good.

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

cool, i'll definetly read them.

message 9: by Abby (new)

Abby (frazzles) There very good. I really liked them.

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