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Chasidy When I read I sometimes mark the pages on certain passages that pull the most emotion out of me so that later I can go back and read them again. What are some of your favorite moments in the books you read? Do you have moments where you hold your breath and your body is so tense with anticipation for what's to come? What about moments where you find yourself crying simply because you find his actions are idealy romantic? Or what about when you feel like flying the book against the wall because you're so upset at how absurd one's actions can be or how blind a person is to love? I'm sure I'm not the only one that finds herself getting too involved with the books I read. So, what's your favorable moments?

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Chasidy One that stood out the most out of many was the love scene towards the end in Judith McNaught's Until You. It was during their wedding night after the deed was done and Stephen realized he was holding her hand. A mast amount emotion overtook him and he wanted to express his feelings but couldn't find the words to do so because he was so.. I can only assume taken aback by how he felt, that he simply just linked his fingers with her other hand and said TWO very heartfelt words, "until you" Oh god, I just about died with hysterical tears streaming down my cheeks because it was so.. so... romantic! Even now just thinking about it I feel like crying. There's the lump the size of a softball in my throat, haha, no kidding.

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