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Lists of Bests

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message 1: by William (new)

William (acknud) Has anyone played around with this page?
It looks interesting. From the website:

"On Lists of Bests you can create and find lists of products, places, goals and people. From the Pulitzer Prize to the Oscars and beyond; you can start the list yourself or find existing lists."


message 2: by Muzzlehatch (new)

Muzzlehatch | 168 comments I've looked at it a few times, but I have links to most of the book or movie lists that I care about bookmarked anyway, so it's not that exciting. I suppose at some point I'll go through and check off stuff on some of those lists, but at the moment I don't feel there's much point. And I already waste too much time on the IntreeWebbs as it is...

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