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message 1: by Caitlin Cierra (new)

Caitlin Cierra (caitterbug) hi.if you're new here--this is where you can chat and get to know one another =)

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

ok hey I'm Ashley Im of course new here... i love vampires & well ..... I'm one of them -'o

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message 4: by Peace Love (last edited May 13, 2009 10:45AM) (new)

Peace Love and Reviews (peaceloveandpat) | 3 comments I'm new. Love not only vampire lore but most of the paranormals. Thanks for the invite

message 5: by Traci (new)

Traci Marquette (tracimarquette) I'm new here too. I was invited by Ashley and I love vampire books especially the twilight series.

message 6: by Caitlin Cierra (last edited May 20, 2009 11:42AM) (new)

Caitlin Cierra (caitterbug) hi guys!
thanks for joining my group =)
my name's caitlin and i'm the moderator-as you probably already know*haha
i loveee vampire novels,faerie novels, and just about anything along that line....
so feel free to add new discussions and i
made this group so everyone could just talk about their favorite novels and enjoy doing so... =)

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

i love vampires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)
and i love the twilight saga.
i am 11 years old, my name is miranda, and LOVEEEEE vampires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 8: by Eli (new)

Eli Reyes (pxndxEli) | 7 comments hey i'm new obviously hey ashley tanx for the invitation its a pretty cool group vamps amd the similar rox

message 9: by grrr (new)

grrr | 1 comments this is a kewl group

message 10: by Caitlin Cierra (new)

Caitlin Cierra (caitterbug) Joshchandler wrote: "this is a kewl group"

thanks ;)

message 11: by M.M. (new)

M.M. Anderson (mmanderson) | 1 comments Hi,
My name is M.M. Anderson, but you can call me Maria. I wrote a book called WEREWOLF DREAMS. It will be out 1 September. I have always LOVED the supernatural, which is why I write about cool werewolves, hot heroines, and things that go bump in the night. :~) The first chapter of WD is posted on my page. I would very much appreciate it if you checked it out and let me know what you think. Also here's the Amazon link and review:

message 12: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 5 comments My name is Jess. I love to read, write book reviews, and play piano.:)

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi! My name's Milli. I love Twilight! Especially Edward! And I like to read other vampire/paranormal books!

message 14: by Caitlin Cierra (new)

Caitlin Cierra (caitterbug) Milli wrote: "Hi! My name's Milli. I love Twilight! Especially Edward! And I like to read other vampire/paranormal books!"

Hi Milli!
Thanks for joining!
Love your Edward Cullen group ;)

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

Thanks!! :D I like your group, too! I LOVE vamps!

message 16: by ~Kate~ (new)

~Kate~ (katesbooklife) hi am new 2 this group, i luv twilight and even tho av just started reading wicked lovely i luv it and the mortal instruments is a brill book as u can tell just by these 3 that i luv fantasy genre

message 17: by Caitlin Cierra (new)

Caitlin Cierra (caitterbug) Hi Katie =)
Thanks for joining! And feel free to start more discussions on other fantasy genre books that you loved!

message 18: by ~Kate~ (new)

~Kate~ (katesbooklife) okies and thanx

message 19: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (lettingtheinkdry) Hey Carrie here!!! I love Fey,Vamp and Were books!!!!

message 20: by Stevie (new)

Stevie (Geekundercover) | 5 comments Who doesn't love vamps? I don't understand when people wast to read real stuff, i've got a nuff in my life!!

message 21: by Caitlin Cierra (new)

Caitlin Cierra (caitterbug) Stevie wrote: "Who doesn't love vamps? I don't understand when people wast to read real stuff, i've got a nuff in my life!!"

Haha, true ;)

message 22: by [deleted user] (last edited Aug 01, 2009 08:03AM) (new)

hey im 11 2! i luv everything! this is how u pronounce my name.DUH-VEE-NUH. all good? all good. miranda, maby we can bf

message 23: by Caitlin Cierra (new)

Caitlin Cierra (caitterbug) Hi Davina and welcome to Bite Me =] !!!!

message 24: by Shanna (new)

Shanna | 18 comments Hello everybody I'm Shanna. I love supernatural type books its all i use to be able to read bc it was the only thing that would hold my interest. but i'm working on branching out. lol.

message 25: by ~Kate~ (new)

~Kate~ (katesbooklife) i tried branching out from the fantasy genre but it neva sticks and i always end up wiv another fantasy book.
btw hello

message 26: by Caitlin Cierra (new)

Caitlin Cierra (caitterbug) Thanks for joining =)

message 27: by Cookie (new)

Cookie (coookie) | 2 comments Hello my name is Suli and im new here i love paranormal books :D

message 28: by Jillian (new)

Jillian (jilljam) | 3 comments hey i'm Jill and i'm in love with Werewolf books. I like vamps too but I perfer werewolves!

message 29: by Jasmine (new)

Jasmine  (jadorejas94) | 25 comments Mod
Jill, what are some of your favorite werewolve books? I haven't read that many werewolves books, but if you had any good recommendations I'd love to read some =)

message 30: by Stevie (new)

Stevie (Geekundercover) | 5 comments I LOVE vampires (obviously, who dosen't) But I love it when ROMANCE is involved, this is stevie <3

message 31: by Jasmine (new)

Jasmine  (jadorejas94) | 25 comments Mod
Ahah saammee vampire romance is the best <33

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message 33: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Nixon (nicolenixon) Hi All ! I am Nicole and I am obsessed with Vampire novels but I am new to the game, only really read the Twilight series and Sookie Stackhouse as well as the Vampire Academy series.

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

Hey there! I'm Rebecca and I love everything paranormal - from vampires to witches, and anything in between. :) I guess it started after I'd read Twilight, although it wasn't until I'd read Anita Blake, that I really fell in love with the paranormal world, and not only vampires.

Donna (BLHmistress) (BLHmistress) | 3 comments HI My name is Donna and I fell in love with Paranormal when my niece suggested well actually badgered me lol to read Sherrilyn Kenyon and have been hopelessly addicted since.

message 36: by Angelica (new)

Angelica (jelly_aica) | 5 comments Hey my name is Angelica! :) I love paranormal romance books especially faerie novels, I've started to like Angel novels...and yeah :D it all started after reading twilight which is from a long time ago.

message 37: by P.H. (new)

P.H. Dillard (Cylence) | 1 comments Hello. I'm new to the site, heard about it through Amanda Hockings blog. I'm always interested in meeting fellow lovers of vamps and weirdness in general. So far I'm enjoying my experience here. Anyway, I just published a vamp/angel novella you guys might be interested in. Its free on my smashwords. Check it out, and let me know what you think.Thanks for your time!

message 38: by Mandy (new)

Mandy | 1 comments Hi. I read Twilight at the insistence of a co-worker and loved them.

Then, I picked up a Sookie Stackhouse novel at the library and ended up reading the series out of order. Then re-reading the series in order. Then, re-reading it again and buying Deadlocked because I could not wait for it at the library.

I've since been trying to find a series that I will enjoy as much as the Sookie series, but have not been successful.

I've read some other Charlaine Harris works, but they didn't do it for me.

So I'm here because I'm interested in finding other similar books.

message 39: by Danielle's Books (new)

Danielle's Books (daniellesbooks) Hello I am Danielle! I love paranormal books such as Fallen by Lauren Kate, Hush Hush saga by Becca Fitzpatrick, The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal devices by Cassandra Clare, Vampire Academy and Bloodlines by Richelle Mead, and The Iron Fey and The Blood of Eden by Julie Kagawa. They are all amazing but my favorite would have to be The Iron Fey by Julie Kagawa :)

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