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Purple | 5 comments Mod
So, how did you get into Mr Brookmyre's work?

A friend gave me a copy of 'Not the End of the World' for christmas one year, and that was that - I was hooked! I didn't even have to read it to know it was my sort of thing - the quote on the back cover (It's not the end of the world, but you can certainly see it from here) alligned with my way of thinking instantly. I have now read up to 'All Fun and Games...' which I intend to start shortly!

Does any other writer have such a fantastic collection of book titles to their name?!

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Purple | 5 comments Mod
Yeah, me too! (Don't you just hate it when they change the cover design so they don't all match?!)

I was careful to read the Parlabane books in order, but other than that, I just read them as I found them. His humour is awesome, isn't it? And the situations he gets people into! Brookmyre, probably more than any other writer, has had me up until stupid o'clock in the morning turning pages when I should've been sleeping!

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Purple | 5 comments Mod
I certainly agree with you on 'One Fine Day...', that has definitely become one of my favourites. I also really enjoyed 'Be My Enemy'. There must be something about when he sends his characters off on 'holidays' that just puts them in good situations for violence and humour!

Like yourself, though, I've never not enjoyed any of his books.

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