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Tentatively, Convenience (tentativelyaconvenience) | 128 comments Mod
As my 1st act as creator of this Cognitive Dissidents group I wd like to resign. Just kidding. Actually my 1st act has been to add an image that I call the "hors-fond" as an emblem of the group. Since there are now some members in this group other than myself, I want to invite these 1st arrivals to also be moderators (if I can figure out how to do that). I imagine I'm the sole moderator at the moment. If all goes well, perhaps the other moderators can switch out the "hors-fond" emblem at will & make this place a lively playground before we all move on to the next exciting flavor (like 5 seconds in the future - of course, if it's "in the future" we'll never reach it). As to what the "hors-fond" is? It's an illustration from my new bk entitled "Paradigm Shift Knuckle Sandwich & other examples of Perverse Number Theory". Catchy, huh? Bound to be on the tip of every cunning linguist's tongue in the NEW!, IMPROVED!, zeitgeist that's lurking in yr bath-tub at this very moment. But back to the "hors-fond": any guesses? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of COGNITIVE DISSIDENTS!!

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Tentatively, Convenience (tentativelyaconvenience) | 128 comments Mod
Since you didn't ask, I'll explain anyway (sortof):


the HORSEPHANT (or hors-fond meaning, en Français, Out of Essence or In the Beginning) wch is the n-dimensional dot-based elephantHORSE moving forwards into the n-dimensional Penguin Diagram string-based horseELEPHANT space - also resulting in Elsie, the not-Cow - aka the 1st emblem of the Cognitive Dissidents Group on GoodReads

- from "Paradigm Shift Knuckle Sandwich & other examples on PNT (Perverse Number Theory)" by tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE

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