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Wilbur Smith

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message 1: by Ali (new)

Ali (alibubba) | 6 comments I have to recommend my favorite author to anyone looking for some new historical fiction novels. Start with River God, a historical fiction epic about ancient Egypt. Move on to the sequel, The Seventh Scroll, and then to Warlock. I haven't read the latest of the ancient Egypt series, Quest, but I'll be reading it soon.

Also fabulous are his other novels, featuring the Courtney family (a British family who winds up settling in South Africa) and numerous other series set in historical Africa. Try Men of Men for a great story about the start of diamond mining in Africa.

I can't say why Wilbur Smith is my favorite historical fiction author, but I will say that he is far more than that to me. He's my favorite author. I haven't seen anything posted about his books, so I hope others will pick up some of his work and enjoy it as much as I do.

message 2: by Sera (new)

Sera Thanks, Ali. I will put Mr. Smith on my "to read". I hadn't heard of him before, but I am willing to give him a try.

message 3: by Ali (new)

Ali (alibubba) | 6 comments You won't be sorry. Love him!

message 4: by Eastofoz (new)

Eastofoz Ali I've read nearly everything by him--his writing is fantastic and the books are real page turners. I haven't read THE QUEST yet and I couldn't get through MONSOON for some reason so I put it down but will eventually get back to it. I just loved Sean Courtney as well as the brother/sister stories with Zouga and Robin.

message 5: by Jay (new)

Jay I've got to agree with Ali on the saga of the the Courtney family. Great story!

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