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message 1: by Karey (last edited Jan 21, 2008 04:36PM) (new)

Karey (kareyshane) Just curious...what movies do you think should have been nominated for the Oscars? (This thread is posted with whichwaydidshegoes blessing sort of :)

I, for one, am putting my vote in for Dan in Real Life, (unless that's been nominated. I guess little miss lazy should do her research, but oh well.)

What about you?

message 2: by Amy (new)

Amy | 2 comments I have to say that overall I am quite disappointed with the nominations. I have hardly heard of so many of the movies! The only catergory that I seem to be excited about is the animated film and I'm rooting for Ratatouille!

At least they seem to be moving forward with the show and so far they have no plans on cancelling, but I have my doubts. I am majorly bummed about the cancellation of the Golden Globes because I was very excited about those nominees!

message 3: by Alison, the guru of grace (new)

Alison | 1282 comments Mod
I know! There must be a show. I only saw five movies in the theater this year (geared toward adults), and 3 were nominees. Of the other two, Knocked Up and The Bourne Ultimatum, I have to say I wouldn't have minded seeing Bourne nominated. Especially Matt Damon.

message 4: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (songgirl7) I think Sweeney Todd should have gotten more nominations than it did (only 3).

message 5: by Dottie (last edited Jan 22, 2008 10:40AM) (new)

Dottie  (oxymoronid) | 698 comments Okay -- am I lost? I thought that I just heard them say the nominations were to be announced today -- Tuesday? Don't mind me -- just clarify if you can -- I get lost frequently lately. Hee-hee.

message 6: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (songgirl7) Yes, Dottie, this thread is about movies we WISH had gotten nominated but didn't.

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