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When I was a little girl, I got strep throat and had a fever so bad, I could not be quieted. The only thing that would quiet me was my sister reading me a book with short stories about animals talking to each other. One of them was about a rabbit feeding his baby brother rabbit leaves while his friend the fox and the eagle went looking for the "best thing in this world" Another story has something about Old Mother North, gathering up her "merri little winds" This is about all I have..Can anyone help????

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HT Goodwill | 3 comments That was Old Mother West Wind gathering up her Merry Little Breezes (no, that's not the title, just correcting the character names).

These are stories from W. Thornton Burgess. I have a couple of different books by him. If you google his name, or check on Amazon you'll find quite a bit of information.

If you want more details, just message me and I'll write up everything I know.

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