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message 1: by Meredith (last edited Aug 25, 2016 10:54AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Meredith Am I the only one who found this book amazing? My criteria for a really great book is one that stays with me long after I have finished it. I read this book almost two years ago and I still think about it often. Madeline is one of the most realistically drawn child protagonists I have ever encountered and her journey to forgiveness of others, and especially herself, is incredible.

message 2: by Margaret (last edited Aug 25, 2016 10:55AM) (new)

Margaret Ann-Marie MacDonald was spot on in her conjuring of Canadian forces base (CFB!) life in the 60s. For me and another Cdn army/airforce brat, it was deja vu. I was amazed at the detail and accuracy--things that I'd forgotten--this was my life!

Martha Meredith, I completely agree with you! This book has stayed with me for years and I continue to reccommend it. I found the story so gripping that I couldn't put it down, and weeks and months after reading the book I found myself making connections between characters and themes that I find to be genius. This book is amazing...

Kevin Lewis I had some issues with the ending chapters but that didn't detract from how much I enjoyed it as a whole. To say that I enjoyed it now sounds odd as the predominant emotions when reading were frustration, anger, desperation...that kind of wonderful stuff. The author drew me in from the start and held me there almost to the end. I wished vehemently for Madeline to find the words long after I turned the final page. Definitely recommended.

Michele For me, this was a very powerful book. The story was gripping beneath the surface. The characters were very well-drawn, both flawed and heroic. I have some French Canadian ancestors and was familiar with the Acadian story (read the poem "Evangeline" for insight) I would count Anne-Marie MacDonald as a really gifted writer.

Bookerkc Yes! This book stuck with me too. Years after reading it something random will trigger a memory from the story. I try to give my books away after reading them and this is one that I have a tinge of regret for giving away.

Brenda I loved this book. Read it several years ago and remember it still and remember loving it.

Adrienne Bagnato Hi - I have a question - I really liked this book but was unclear as to how Madeline knew that Grace had gone missing. At one point she calls the police to inquire about her. What is the implication?

Annmarie I'm reading it again.

Anita I agree with all the comments. The book was wonderful but is not well known. I wonder if MacDonald is working on a new one.

Mariellen Annmarie wrote: "I'm reading it again."

Hope so! Anne Marie MacDonald is one of the reasons I'm a fan of the new Canadian fiction!

Ellen Anita wrote: "I agree with all the comments. The book was wonderful but is not well known. I wonder if MacDonald is working on a new one."
I really hope she is! As far as I know, she has only written "The Way the Crow Flies" and "Fall on Your Knees" another excellent book!

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