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Other books about life in Paris?

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Lily Anne I'm going on a solo vacation trip to Paris next month. It will be my first time in Paris, and my first time traveling alone. I really enjoyed Turnbull's book. Any recommendations for other books about living in Paris?

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David Try "Down and out in Paris and London" by George Orwell. I don't know that I'd call it a travel guide, but it's a great read and it does give you some insight (although it's not current) into the lives of people that live in Paris.

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Sari Lynn You might try Suzy Gershman's memoir "C'est La Vie: An American Conquers the City of Light, Begins a New Life, and Becomes--Zut Alors!--Almost French" It was a fun read, but I gotta say, she is so into shopping (it's what she does for a living) that if you're not similarly inclined, you might find it a bit off-putting.

Lily Anne Thanks so much for your suggestions. Another gem I discovered - "Paris to the Moon" by Adam Gopnik. It's a collection of personal essays by Gopnik (writer for the New Yorker magazine) about his experiences living in Paris during the second half of the 1990s with his wife and young son. Very entertaining and thoughtful.

Joseph No posts to this discussion for quite a while, but it popped up on my Goodreads home page because I just finished reading this book, after starting it quite a while ago. (It got buried on my bedside table for a few months, which happens from time to time, usually with smaller paperback books that just can't assert themselves enough amongst all the big heavyweight hardcovers I get from the library--the bullies of the book world!) In any case, I followed this up with Time Was Soft There: A Paris Sojourn at Shakespeare & Co., by Jeremy Mercer. I sort of identified with the author, a fellow Canadian, and really enjoyed his tale of being "down and (almost) out in Paris." There is a nice little site with some info and links related to Shakespeare & Co at It was fun to do the virtual tour of the bookshop on their website after reading the book. Next on my list is The Piano Shop on the Left Bank: Discovering a Forgotten Passion in a Paris Atelier, which brings music into the picture of another expat's sojourn in the City of Lights. Looks like a good read!

Janni R I so enjoyed both Time Was Soft There and The Piano Shop on the Left Bank. Have you tried French Lessons A Memoir by Alice Kaplan, Words in A French Life by Kristin Espinasse, (also had a popular blog from France)France, A Love Story Ed. by Camille Cusumano, or Almost French by Sarah Turnbull. Thank you for the link for Shakespeare and Co; if you You Tube Sylvia Beech Whitman, there are several interviews of her in the bookstore. If you own a Nook, there is a free book, Best of Blog in Paris.

Jane Tara Yes, this just popped up for me too... so even though this conversation is old, I'll add this beautiful book to the list, because I think it's a must-read if you're going to Paris. True Pleasures: a memoir of women in Paris. It's like a stroll around Paris, and into the lives and salons of some of the most colourful women who have lived there.

Jane Tara I also have The Flaneur. Love it. And My Life in France. Now I want to visit again. :-)

Carol Thank you for possible additions to my French bookshelf. . .a very real physical space in my house. Having French ancestors I started with French Women Don't Get Fat by Mirelle Guiliano. Found some characteristics in Almost French that reminded me of my Mother. Paris My Sweet was a fun read. If you want to venture out of Paris and have ever tended a garden or even just a plant, you might enjoy French Dirt by Richard Goodman.

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