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message 1: by Katie (last edited May 18, 2009 12:44PM) (new)

Katie | 3 comments Here are the books I have read so far this year. I have been reading a lot more than normal bored at work and my 2 girls watch the same movies over and over. It keeps my brain occupied.

1. Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse, Book 1)~Harris, Charlaine

2. Living Dead in Dallas (Sookie Stackhouse, Book 2)~Harris, Charlaine

4. Dead to the World (Sookie Stackhouse, Book 4)~Harris, Charlaine

5. Club Dead (Sookie Stackhouse, Book 3)~Harris, Charlaine

6. Dead as a Doornail (Sookie Stackhouse, Book 5)~Harris, Charlaine

7. Definitely Dead (Sookie Stackhouse, Book 6)~Harris, Charlaine

8. All Together Dead (Sookie Stackhouse, Book 7)~Harris, Charlaine

9. Love: A Novel~Morrison, Toni

10. Night Pleasures (Dark-Hunter, #3)~Kenyon, Sherrilyn

11. Night Embrace (Dark-Hunter, #4)~Kenyon, Sherrilyn

12. Dance With The Devil (Dark-Hunter, #6)~Kenyon, Sherrilyn

13. Kiss of the Night (Dark-Hunter, #7)~Kenyon, Sherrilyn

14. Night Play (Dark-Hunter, #8)(Were-Hunter)~Kenyon, Sherrilyn

15. Seize the Night (Dark-Hunter, #10)~Kenyon, Sherrilyn

16. Sins of the Night (Dark-Hunter, #11)~Kenyon, Sherrilyn

17. Unleash the Night (Dark-Hunter, #13)(Were-Hunter)~Kenyon, Sherrilyn

18. Fear the Darkness (Dark-Hunter, #17)~Kenyon, Sherrilyn

19. Devil May Cry (Dark-Hunter, #19)~Kenyon, Sherrilyn

20. Upon The Midnight Clear (Dark-Hunter, #20)(Dream-Hunter)~Kenyon, Sherrilyn

21. Dream Chaser (Dark-Hunter #21)(Dream-Hunter)~Kenyon, Sherrilyn

22. One Silent Night (Dark-Hunter, #23)~Kenyon, Sherrilyn

23. The Darkest Night (Lords of the Underworld, #1)~Showalter, Gena

24. The Darkest Kiss (Lords of the Underworld, #2)~Showalter, Gena

25. The Darkest Pleasure (Lords of the Underworld, #3)~Showalter, Gena

26. One Bite Stand (Mackenzie Vampires series, Book 4) Bangs, Nina

27. Dark Secret (Carpathians, #15)~Feehan, Christine

28. Realm Of Shadows (Vampire, Book 4)~Drake, Shannon

29. Acheron (Dark-Hunter, #22)~Kenyon, Sherrilyn

30. Beneath A Blood Red Moon (Vampire, Book 1)~Drake, Shannon

31. Kushiels Scion~Carey, Jacqueline

32. Kushiels Justice~Carey, Jacqueline

33. After Midnight~Teresa Medieros

34. Dead to Worse(Sookie Stackhouse 8)~Charlaine Harris

35. Twilight~Stephanie Meyer

message 2: by Aprile (new)

Aprile (aprileb) Wow! Welcome and congrats! You are doing amazing!!

message 3: by Katie (last edited May 21, 2009 09:14AM) (new)

Katie | 3 comments 36. New Moon~Stephanie Meyer


message 4: by Melanie (new)

Melanie (melobrien) | 71 comments Welcome! I love the Sookie books...have you read the new one yet Dean and Gone?? It's good!

message 5: by Katie (new)

Katie | 3 comments I love the Sookie books too. I have not read that one yet. I own them all in paperback and so I want to wait until it's in paperback to buy it. I guess that doesn't necessarily mean I can't read it but I am a litle odd. When I buy it I want to be reading it for the first time or I will never buy it and I really want to complete the collection. You know I am just a little eccentric, not too much but a little.

message 6: by Melanie (new)

Melanie (melobrien) | 71 comments lol...I hear you! I can be the same way sometimes.

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