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message 1: by Julie (new)

Julie | 2 comments Just joined. I am excited to be challenged to read 50 books this year. I get book recommendations all the time from friends and never get around to all of them, but this year I plan to make a good dent in the list.

My first book was His Dark Materials - The Golden Compass. It was pretty good. The descriptions are well thought out and the ideas are clever and creative.

My next book is a recommendation from the secretary at my kids' school. It is Jemima J by Jane Green. Looks like it will be a light read. Not sure how I will like it yet, but I am game.

Let me know if you have read it.

message 2: by Danine (new)

Danine (dulcemea) Thanks for joining. Let us know how you liked "Jemima". Looking forward to your reviews and posts. Hopefully you can put a dent in all those recommendations! Good luck!

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