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SOLVED: Children's/YA > A girl boating down a river [s]

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smaller | 3 comments I must have read this book in the very late 80s/early 90s. The protagonist is a young girl who takes a boat alone down a river that flows through her entire world.

The one scene I remember is were someone she meets explains to her that the world is round, but like a berry or a nut or something, not round like a plate. I can't remember the precise analogy the speaker used.

I think it must have been a sci-fi sort of book. I was too young at the time I read it to really have had a good grasp of genre.

Any help would be much appreciated. :)

Michelle Mulford | 112 comments I don't think the girl is alone in these, but it might be Moon-Flash or The Moon And The Face by Patricia McKillip.

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smaller | 3 comments amg, that's it! Moon-Flash. Thank you so much! I found the "round like a berry" quote in the Amazon scans of the book.

I'm really happy now. :)

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smaller | 3 comments I'm a little embarrassed, since Patricia McKillip is actually one of my favorite authors. D: (In my defense, it was published when I was one, so I must have been really little when I first read it.)

Thanks again. :D

Michelle Mulford | 112 comments Happy to help! She's one of my favorites too.

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