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The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks > Week 3:swans and storms, courtrooms, an unexpected visitor, crossroads, a letter

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Blarneygod I just started Swans and Storms.

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Blarneygod I was very surprised in the chapter: An Unexpected Visitor, that Allie's mom was portrayed as a good mom who just made a mistake and that she was now supportive of Allie and Noah. Maybe I am remembering the movie wrong, but I remember her being against the relationship from beginning to end. I liked seeing this very human side if the mom.... but without her mom's pressure I don't understand Allie's decision (even if only temporary) to go back to Lon. Sparks made Allie and Noah's love so sure and pure that I didn't really feel the conflict Allie described... the decision felt more like a no brainer... that of course she would end up with Noah... the conflict felt thrown in just so the story could have conflict... which a story does need, but... i didn't entirely buy it... sparks did too good of a job in convincing us of Noah and Allie's love;)

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Nica (nicajen) | 14 comments Mod
I agree. Sparks definitely convinced us of Allie and Noah's love. I find it understandable her reasoning for even thinking of staying with Lon (not wanting to hurt him or anyone else), but after the magnitude of things that just took place between her and Noah, I don't see how she could even allow Noah to believe for one second that she could possibly leave him again.

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