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kriss's fan fic--alot of people are asking to read it so heres some of it

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secret this is for the people who have been supporting me while i write my version of blood on.. is mean and takes too long!!

secret CHAPTER1:

It had been about two and half weeks since I left St. Vladimir's Academy. I had hurt Lissa so bad when I left and I didn't think she would ever forgive me. And at that moment, I got a text from Adrian Ivashkov, a royal Moroi who was madly in love with me. It read:
Hey Little Dhampir, I just wanted to tell you we all miss you. You could've figured that out already, though. I thought I should tell you how much I love you. You know, just in case you get hurt. If you need anything like cash, sex or a driver, you just give me a holler.
Wow! That was nice of Adrian to say considering that he was never really on board with my withdrawal from St. Vladimir’s. I decided to write back:
Thank you so much Adrian, for everything. I owe you big time.
Before I could cancel the text, it sent. I had said I owed him. Now I might have to do him a favor, and knowing Adrian, he'll want me to come back. Uhh Oh! I thought. I immediately received a text reply from Adrian; he wrote back exactly what I expected:
Consider me paid back if you come home, Rose. Everyone knows about you and Belikov.
I gasped at the last line. I knew he was going to turn it around on me. Instead of receiving a text, Adrian called me.
“Little Dhampir, you have had me worried sick,” Adrian sighed, " I thought you've been dead.”
“Gee...thanks, Adrian! You have such a positive outlook on the situation, huh?” I replied sarcastically.
“Rose, I miss you. Plus...I have got something about Belikov you might want to know even though-”
“What about Dimitri?” I blurted out.
“I refuse to tell you unless you come home to us,” Adrian declared.
“I'll have sex with you,” I said hoping to fool him.
“How would that happen if you don't come back to St. Vladimir’s?” Adrian asked
“Please Adrian,” I begged.
“I will tell and SHOW you if you come back. You have my word. I promise, Little Dhampir...I promise,” he said in the most believable way.
“I'll see you tomorrow night, Adrian. Goodbye.”
“Rose, wait!” Adrian added before I could hang up.
“What time are you waking up tomorrow?”
“I'm setting my alarm for 5:30 A.M.,” I informed Adrian.
“Okay,” he sighed.
I guess I'm going to visit school tomorrow, I thought.
“Better pack the few things I got,” I mumbled to myself aloud.
I packed up the few belongings I had taken with me and changed in to my night-shirt. I had a long drive ahead of me. I brushed my teeth and pulled my hair into a ponytail, the ponytail Dimitri loved to see me in oh so much. I sighed at the thought of Dimitri. “Soon my love, soon,” I quietly spoke. I set my alarm for 5:30 A.M. and climbed under the warm covers of the hotel's bed. I propped my head on a pillow as if it was Dimitri’s chest. I inhaled deeply after a few minutes of having my eyes closed. I had managed to make myself think the pillow was Dimitri. The pillow did not smell like Dimitri.
Tears fell from my eyes as I stared up at the ceiling. I cried myself to sleep that night, thinking about nothing accept the fact that Adrian had either something very important or something meaningless to tell me the next day. All I could do that night was hope that Adrian was going to tell me Dimitri's issues are solve and maybe something better... The something better was highly unlikely.
At 11:30 P.M., I drifted off to sleep. St. Vladimir's was running on a day schedule since the attack so I would get to the school just before nightfall and just before the good students would go to sleep.

secret CHAPTER2:

I woke up at 5:30 A.M. as I planned and took a shower, brushed my teeth and dressed in a black sweat suit Dimitri had left for me when he was pronounced dead. It smelt of him, so it was his. It was very big on me, but it made me feel connected to Dimitri very much.
I got to the lobby with my belongings at 5:45 A.M. I also had a giant coffee thermos that was filled to the top. Along with the thermos, there was a travel coffee mug it was filled to the top with coffee. The smell of French Vanilla was strong and would keep me awake during the long drive from Spokane, Washington to my old Montana school -- St. Vladimir's.
The line to check out was pretty long, yet at the same time short. When I got up to the front, I quickly checked out and paid my bill. I had one-thousand dollars left in cash. It was more than enough for gas and food. Too bad I can't just hire a chauffer, I thought with a laugh.
I stepped into the parking lot dragging the duffle bag behind me and the coffee thermos. I beeped my car open and a man took my bags and put them in my trunk. “Thanks, but who are you?” I asked.
The man's eyes flickered to something behind me. “I'm no one important.”
I whipped my head around and standing there was Adrian. “Little Dhampir, you're okay!” he said hugging me. He planted a kiss on my forehead, “Beautiful as always.”
I blushed. “Why are you here, Adrian?” I asked lacking appreciation. I was still hugging Adrian. I pulled away when I realized it. “Sorry, I haven't hugged anyone in a while, believe it or not.”
“Glad to hug you, no need to apologize, Little Dhampir,” he stated while pulling me in for another hug. “I can't believe you were foolish enough to answer the phone. It's a tracking device. And I thought you were smarter than me.”
“Usually I am. But that's because you're usually drunk.”
“Gee thanks, love,” Adrian laughed
“It's the truth, though.”
“I know,” he laughed. “Richard, please drive the car behind the limo,” Adrian told the guy who took my bags and put them in the car.
“Of course, Mr. Ivashkov,” Richard said
“As for you, Little Dhampir, you’re coming in the limo with me.”
I protested, but there was no way out of it. Adrian took my hand and some guy opened the limo door and Adrian helped me in. As you would expect, there was tons of alcohol in Adrian's limo; brands from A to Z. “Wow!” I gasped.
Adrian took a glass. “What do you want?”
“Adrian, it's 6 o'clock in the morning and you already want to drink alcohol,” I scolded him. “I got coffee. Do you want something that won’t get you drunk this early in the morning?”
“Whatever,” he said taking a cup of coffee. He took a sip and almost threw up. “What is this shit?”
“It's French Vanilla Coffee. It's what normal people drink at this time in the morning.”
“It sucks!” he laughed picking up a bottle of expensive Vodka and opening it.
I slid to the long bench in the limo and lied down. Adrian put a blanket over me and sat down. I rested my head on his lap and drifted back to sleep. He fell asleep soon after that because he was in my dreams.
“Adrian, you're sitting next to me. Talk to me when I wake up and then I'll drink some Vodka with you.”
“What about that sex you promised?” Adrian asked.
“Huh?” I said sleepily.
“"You said, quote, 'I'll have sex with you.’”
“Not now. Let me get some rest, Adrian, I woke up a 5:30 A.M.”
“Sleep tight, Little Dhampir, I love you,” Adrian said kissing my lips passionately. Adrian turned and went to the door on the far side of the dimension and left. My lips tingled and I touched them and then the dream went entirely black.
I woke up sweating and lying on top of Adrian. I jumped, I had dreamed of having sex with Adrian.
“What's wrong, Rosemarie?” Adrian asked.
“I had a nightmare, Adrian, I'm okay.”
“That we had sex.”
“Uh Rosemarie, that would be pleasant and not scary. And…,” he said looking down in between us.
My eyes met the spot Adrian was looking down at. This made me jump more. I grabbed the blanket that was over us and wrapped it around myself. I slid to the opposite side of the limo. “Adrian!”
“You woke up all horny and came onto me it's not my fault. You know I can't resist you, Rosemarie,” he groaned.
“Damn it, Adrian! You seduced me!” I hollered.
“You seduced me, Rosemarie!” he hollered back at me.
The guy who opened the door for us when we got in the car slid down the window so he could talk to us, “Is everything okay?” He turned around, “Oh my lord! Sorry.” He slammed the window shut.
“I am too!” I groaned while putting some clothes on. “I can't believe you, Adrian.”
“It's not my fault, Rosemarie!”
“Why do you keep calling me Rosemarie, Adrian?”
“You told me to...duh,” Adrian said. “You pinched my nipple each time I called you Little Dhampir.”
“More information than necessary,” I said sounding very grossed out. “And stop calling me Rosemarie!”
“Okay, Little Dhampir,” he sighed.
“And for God's sake Adrian, put some clothes on!” I groaned.
We arrived at St. Vladimir's shortly after my discovery that Adrian and I had done it. I was disgusted by myself and my actions. The thought that I was the one who had come onto Adrian made me sick to the stomach and twitching. How could I betray my sweet love, Dimitri like that? Even though he was a Strigoi, how could I do that? Would he do it if it was the other way around and I was the Strigoi? Surely he might've. He did it with Tasha Ozera before Christmas, didn't he?
As Adrian got out of the limo I heard voices.
“Did he bring her back?” said one of at least 10 or 20.
“I hope not if she still wants to kill me,” said one boy who was probably Jesse.
“I wonder if Adrian told her about Guardian Belikov,” said another.
“I wonder if Ivashkov got lucky with her just like Belikov did except this time in a limo,” said a perverted guy. “Sometimes I wish I was Belikov when he did her.” The guy's wise crack had roused a few people to laugh.
“Shut up!” yelled a boy and a girl together. It was Lissa and Christian.
Adrian peeked into the car. “Are you coming?”
“Only because you're going to tell me about Dimitri,” I said taking his hand as he helped me out of the limo.
“Rose,” Jesse breathed. Apparently he did still have feelings for me.
“Rose!” Lissa shrieked. “I’m still mad at you, but you're alive! And you're back!”
“Maybe she's a spirit and she's dead, although she does have an aura,” laughed a girl who was a junior, who was apparently also a spirit user.
“Rose, this is Sydney, she's been practicing Spirit with Adrian and I,” Lissa said.
“I'm Rose.”
“I know, Lissa and Adrian haven't shut up about you,” Sydney admitted.
“I'm not staying long,” I told Lissa, “I came to get the information on Dimitri and I'm going to get him, unless he's dead already.”
“He didn't tell you yet?” Christian asked. “I thought you would've tricked him into it long ago.”
“Lissa, you can let go now,” I said. "I got to tell you something in private.”
“You can tell me in my room,” Lissa said.

Kyra Will you put up the next chapter soon..or like now, lol no hurry, well thats a lie actually

secret Don't Get Mad about What Happens here:


On the way to Lissa's room, we passed Dimitri's old room. Lissa tried to distract me as we passed it but there was no way I could miss it. Before Lissa could grab my hand and stop me, I opened Dimitri's door. Why would someone leave this unlocked? I thought. I entered the room. Dimitri's scent filled the room and was getting stronger. Lissa was still in the hallway. I didn't know what was going on. “Lissa it smells like him in here and it keeps getting stronger by the second.”
“Rose, you're crazy, he hasn't been in the room for almost two months,” Lissa sighed.
“I'm not hallucinating, Lissa,” I said with as much seriousness as possible. “I smell him.”
“Rose, let's go!” said Lissa dragging me out by the hand.
“Someone should lock his room. Someone might steal something,” I told her.
“I'll get Kirova on it as soon as you tell me what's going on.”
We went to Lissa's room and sat down on the couch,
“I slept with Adrian in the limo,” I forced out while toying with my hair.
“Whoa?” she blurted dropping her note book.
“It was an accident. I fell asleep after he forced me to get into the limo. He came into my dreams after I fell asleep. He left my dreams and I was sleeping peacefully. The next thing I knew, I was on top of Adrian and we were naked and glued together by sweat. I'm not lying. It's the truth. I don't know what happened, but that's all I know. Adrian said I came onto him.”
“Holy Crap, Rose!” said Lissa.
“I'm such a fool!” I groaned while hitting myself on the head.
“How do you not know how you winded up 'glued together by sweat'?”
“I...I don't know Lissa,” I breathed. Tears fell from my eyes. “I just don't know.”
“Let's go Rose. I have to get Kirova to get someone to lock Dimitri's door and you have to get yourself into classes. You'll be here for a while, trust me... just trust me Rose. Adrian and Christian dropped your stuff at Kirova's office by the way.”
“Fine, but don't tell anyone about what happened with me and Adrian. Only you, I and Adrian know and that's the way it will stay. He knows it's staying that way too. You may talk to him but don't embarrass me.”
“Me? Embarrass you?” Lissa asked. “You should see how you acted when you used to get drunk.” She rolled her eyes. “Talk about embarrassing.”
We got to Kirova's office. She was waiting for us. “Rose, you're alive!” shrieked my mother who was in the corner of the room where I didn't see her.
“Yo Janine, what's up?” I asked.
“Ms. Hathaway, you're back!” Kirova shrieked. “To think I'd ever be happy to see you, but I am, surprisingly.”
“Lissa said I'm going to be here a while. She told me to register. I don't want to, but who's going to guard her?”
“I'm her guardian until further notice,” my mother said.
“I'm going to make a copy of your schedule for you,” Kirova said.
I nodded at Kirova's comment. “Poor Lissa,” I said to my mother.
“Rose, I'm not as bad as you make me out to be,” said my mother.
“Anyone who leaves the love of her daughter's life to die is as bad as I'm making you out to be,” I cried. “I will never... never ever forgive you for that. You left him to die and now he's a Strigoi, unless he's dead by now.”
She huffed. “Rose. You would've had a dead boyfriend and a dead mother. What good is that?”
“He wasn’t my boyfriend; he was the love of my life. And at least he would've gone down with a fight.”
“You are truly selfish and out of line, Rosemarie Hathaway! I don’t know how I gave birth to such a terribly selfish person!” my mother yelled.
“Rose, here's your schedule. You should go,” Kirova said.
“Thanks Headmistress Kirova,” I said taking it and storming out of the room.
As I rounded the hall to meet Lissa, she was fighting with Adrian.
“How could you forget to wear protection, Adrian? You knew something like that was going to happen, didn't you?” Lissa whispered furiously.
“It was an accident, Cousin, trust me. I had no intention of having sex with her, at the moment at least. She came onto me," Adrian said. “I wouldn't lie about something like this, Valissa.”
“But still, how could you have unprotected sex with Rose, nonetheless?”
“I...I don't know. But shush, she's by the door.”
Lissa glared my way. “Oops.”
“Thanks a lot Adrian, the last thing I need while fighting the Strigoi is a baby in my stomach,” I yelled shoving through them on my way to my new room with my bags.
“Christian, take her bags to her room with her.”

Maureen noo noo she cant be pregent especially not with adirans baby

secret Noelle wrote: "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put up another chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to know what happens next and you really are a good writer!"

thanks =) up to xhapter 6 is on my profile under my writing

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Casper_is yer i finally found it, omg it is so so so so good kriss, u are an awesome writer, i so wanna no more about everythiing

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Haley can u put up the rest of the chapters on this site?

secret there in my writinng which is on my profile kyra has the link in her comment 2 above you

Haley thanks :)

secret im going to put up chapter 8

Haley omg i can't wait for wat happens nexts! it is so good!!! :)

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great writing.

secret i put up chapter 14 on myy profile

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