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Will this book ever actually be released?

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Kathryn I have seen three different publication dates for this book--each about a significant amount of time apart from the other. The first was Oct. 2007, then December, now Amazon has the release date set for the end of April...2009!

I'm kind of getting tired of waiting.

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Lizzie Yeah, I know. Usually the book's already written when they give the release date, they just like to make the reader squirm. I don't know if I can wait (or if I'll even remember) for the book in a year and a half. It's exteremely unreasonable. Once they give the date, it should be solid.

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Clive Warner The publishing business really takes forever.
The "traditional" way of doing it, means that you have to release an ARC (advance review copy) and ship that out to potential reviewers a minimum of 4 months prior to the actual release date.
Then during that period you do the final cover - this involves a lot of work with programs such as Adobe Indesign and Photoshop.
Finally you get the cover and internal layout ready and then it has to go into print, then it has to go into warehousing and distribution ... you get the picture?
And after all this it gets about 3 weeks exposure in bookstores; if it doesn't sell the well-thumbed (and ruined) books are returned to the publisher and pulped. The traditional book business is one of the most ecologically wasteful enterprises on the planet and is well overdue for change.

Caroline Well, Tamora hasn't finished writing the it'd be hard for it to be published unfinished! Her publishers probably just gave a rough estimate of when the book might be due out, and Amazon put that up. Definitely never take those kinds of dates as gospel--fans of George R.R. Martin can tell you how painful that is.

Tamora actually keeps an LJ that she updates fairly regularly, and I imagine she'll update that as soon as the book is complete:

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Shelby But really they shouldn't post a date that was so far off from the actual date it is being released.

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Carla On her website she has the release date listed under 2009...


Good things are worth waiting for.

Ashley I wish it would just come out already... and yeah, i know its a lot of work, but still....

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Rose What I dislike is how on her website, there's a whole list of books to come out and all of them have rough publication dates, but they don't appear to have been changed in several years! It's kind of annoying waiting....

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Kat She probably hasn't finished the book yet. A good book takes a while to write, and if this one is going to be as long as terrier was, then I think we should cut Tamora a little slack. She's an amazing writer and her books are worth the wait anyhow. Something to look forward to!

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Fantushe I agree with Kat, Tammy is doing her best for us, the least we could give her in return is a little patience.

Ps. Yeah, the wait is killing me too. xP

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Beckyhr I heard that she was in a car accident of some sort and got hurt and that's why they had to push the date back to April ... dunno if it's true, but it makes it easier to deal with the delays.

Antigone Ok.... not to gloat.... but I won a bid for the first chapter of this book and received it from the author herself this week. I have been staring at the front page (done up in pretty script on pretty paper). I have no direct information but I think this is pretty good evidence that the book is done (though she noted there might be editorial changes in the final edition). No, I haven't read the chapter yet. I am 1) scared that if I start I will explode if I can't finish it and 2) torn because I think I should re-read Terrier first. When I finally do read the first chapter, I will post a prelim review but I promised not to share any part of the book, so it will be very general (and you know what it will say "Love T.Pierce and her novels never disappoint!" I literally did a JIG when the package arrived and now I can't believe my own indecision!

Courtney Pyche Soo.. Did you read it??

Antigone I did - after I finally calmed down :) And it drew me totally in and I was sad sad sad I didn't have more to consume! My earlier note stands - great book and I can't wait to finish it! The Beka story is so different - the voice and the harsher perspective. I understand from her blog that TP is now reviewing the ?copyedited? version of the book? So I am guessing we don't have long to wait! Amazon has the release date as around the holidays. Yippee!

Antigone Ok, I correct myself! It says April 09 on Amazon. I sit corrected!

Courtney Pyche I wish it was around the Holidays D:

Syshane AAAAAH!!! I want to read the book!!!! I've waited forever for this book.

Courtney Pyche Ditto. In Terrier(paperback) it has a first-chapter sneak peak. And it said it would come out like Sring 08 but now its Spring 09..

Allison :( I'm so sick of the date moving back....I've been waiting patiently for this book since she first announced the entire series and posted tentative dates for all three books!

I suppose I can wait another month and a half...

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