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Carlye.peterson | 1 comments has anybody seen it? i just rented it and i'm going to buy it. it's by mike judge, the guy who made office space, beavis and butthead, and king of the hill. it's a commentary on "where we're headed" the next 500 years. it's awesome because they use the names of real corporations...real ballsy, but i'm pretty sure these corporations pushed this movie down because it makes them look bad...i didn't know what the movie was about till a friend told me about it.

it's hilarious!

message 2: by Melissa (new)

Melissa I have seen this one and I really liked it. I had to watch it twice because I knew I was missing some of the hidden puns. I agree that it was pretty ballsy, what with the company logos on all the clothing and everything. How the language was dumbed down over the hundreds of years cracked me up too. I have recommended this movie to other people and they look at me funny after they watch and I ask them about it. I'm so glad someone else got how funny it was!

message 3: by Missy (new)

Missy Such a fun and yet terrifying movie....what if!

Servius  Heiner  | 80 comments Eh come on.... How can you not love the 3 foot purple hood ornament? Not Sure?

message 5: by melbourne (new)

melbourne (cocho) | 80 comments Great commentary and overall concept. However, the execution is questionable.

message 6: by Terri (new)

Terri (terrilovescrows) | 135 comments I thought it was hilarious

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