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message 1: by Russell (last edited Jan 21, 2008 01:56PM) (new)

Russell John (russelljohn) | 40 comments Mod
I've been pushed by few people to write a book, but I don't want to take this project right now as I'm stuck with a lot of other work.

Anyway, as the topic describes, I'd like to know if any of you have any plans to write books in the near (or distance) future.

My first book will be on Linux (in English), and I think I'll need around two years to complete it.

message 2: by Arafat (new)

Arafat Kazi | 2 comments My book will be a searing indictment of the current establishment, with some hot gypsy sex thrown in. I plan on writing it when I get rich enough to afford to take six months off work.

message 3: by Aumee (new)

Aumee | 39 comments aaaah.....writing.
wut can i say about writing? people push me to write as well...only usually they push me to finish my stories...:D
i have a permanent case of writers-block......everytime i start a story, as soon as i reach the climax....i stop. why?
i have no clue.
its like everytime i hit that part of a story, i cant write anymore........*sigh*
anyhoo, if i do publish a book, it will probably a book of poetry.......and if writers-block is curable a novel or two

message 4: by Geteamon (new)

Geteamon | 1 comments I also tried couple of times in my life to write something but I finally couldn't :P From that previous experience I came to know that writing a book is not so easy actually. At last I got some place here in net to write on. That's blog. I am a blog writer now :D I have been maintaining my blog for almost a year now. If you are interested you can go to my blog. Here is the address :

But I am telling you that its not a book or novel. Its just my personal updates and anything that I like to write about :)

message 5: by Tusher (new)

Tusher | 8 comments That will be nice ....
I gues you are tech geek.....
luck for the writing..

message 6: by Tusher (new)

Tusher | 8 comments Hope you get rich enough to write that erotic
luck for your erotica...

message 7: by Tusher (new)

Tusher | 8 comments really then you must be a helluva great writer..
hope to see your masterpeiece romantic novel...
it should be more romantic than..laili mojnu, shiri farhad, or yousuf julkha..
luck for your master piece

message 8: by Tusher (new)

Tusher | 8 comments cool....
I think there are as many as 15 millions bangladeshi poet here...
No proBlem if there is one more poet added here..
we can live with that....
luck for your poetry book

message 9: by Tusher (new)

Tusher | 8 comments good for you that you could not write..
its good to be a blog writer as well.
best regards

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