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Daniel Lotano Rape Girl has a very interesting message behind rape that will be understood after reading the book. Through this book, the reader will see the corruption behind the stereotypical rapist in the minds of society. The book is depicting the life of a teenage girl who is raped by a boy that she actually was interested in. The book basically proves that the stereotype can be proved wrong. The book then shows the path that a young girl must play after having been raped by a boy she went to school with. The depressed tone will convey to the reader, the true feelings that were going on inside of Valerie's mind. The book doesn't really go very in depth into depicting the specifics of the aftermath of being raped. I would recommend that young adults read this book, because it puts a perspective into their minds about rape and the trauma and problems that rape victims go through. It also will show them that not all rapists are random strangers. Because in this particular case just like many others in the world, the rapist knows the victim. This book does address a depressing tone, but that does not take away from the message of the book. This book is a very easy read and it is a good way for readers to get more insight into the world of rape.

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