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All war-like Iryn Hooves here!

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Name Kaja
Gender Mare
Age six
Color black
Personality served for a short time as a war horse before escaping,cunning,humorous
Crushes NONE
Rank: lead mare of the Iryn Hooves Herd
Family none

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Name Dykan
Age seven
Color silver black
Personality served as a war horse for a knight named Sir Myles,cunning,humorous,can be aggresive
Crushes Kaja
lead stallion
Familly Kaja
Picture could not fine one to capture his magnificence accuratley

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Name: Melody
Age: 3
Gender: Filly
Color: Black
Personality: Smart,shy,cunning
Crushes: NONE
Family: Daughter of Kaja

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hey! death is MY horse!

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Sorry!! I'll rename her.

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Can pepole be in this roleplay too?????

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of course!

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Hi Emerson!!!!!!

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Hi Mauraerson.

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Name: Emily
Age: 18
Gender: Human Female
Color: Black hair/black-brown eyes
Personality: Smart,shy,cunning
Crushes: NONE
Family: NONE

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could you choose a different name??? I wanted to name my cat that.

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do you wanna go to gamil chat?

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sure I'll change it!!

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