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Who do you like better-- Edward or Jacob and why??? Give me your best reasons and don't leave anything out!!

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Olivia | 77 comments Jacob most definitely. I mean, I always wanted edward and bella to end up together, because that is how the story was meant to be, but personally I like jake. He is more fun and spontaneous, and I am thinking one would not have to adhere to as many rules as the cullens do when with him. I guess I am just a very daring and random person. I could see him as a best friend first.

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Britty wrote: "Edward or Jacob and why?"

It could have been Edward, the old fashioned gentleman, light on the eyes, modest and tortured. A protector that manages to be gentle. But! Then, Jacob was introduced, impulsive, compassionate, free, rough, passionate, tender, humorous. Both of the guys try to be as good as they can manage given who they have become.

The key difference between the two is that Edward will think a lot (sometimes over think) about what his actions should be. He's very cautious and serious. Sometimes overly sensitive. And when, on occasion, he does something wrong. He will dwell on it for a very long time.

Jacob, on the other hand, will react based on how he is feeling at a current point in time. He makes a mistake and he apologizes, he doesn't dwell. He lets it go. He lives in the moment. He's carefree, and comfortable to be around. Jacob rather than Edward.

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i am switzerland =)

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Tiffany (xdxpx8xD) | 404 comments I am not switzerland. I'm not Jacob either. I guess Edward.

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i love jacob because he's awesome and cool!

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Katie jacob

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