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message 1: by Lavanya (last edited Apr 12, 2009 12:12PM) (new)

Lavanya So, I'm going to put all news related stuff under this category from now on. Autumn, you can put this topic under a different folder if you'd like; I wasn't sure where this would fit. I've labeled all the updates with numbers, so when you comment about them, you can use the number to indicate what update you are talking about.

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Lavanya Update 1: guys have to see this website. It has all the latest pictures from the New Moon set. I got it from
Here is the link:

Anyways, they have to keep all the actors. And the wolves have been chosen. Here's the list: "Chaske Spencer, Bronson Pelletier, Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon and Tyson Houseman to Star as Members of Wolf Pack"

Go to SM's website here to read more (I placed a directly link so you won't have to search for it):

Update 2:

Emily from New Moon has been chosen as well. It's Tinsel Korey. Here's a not so good picture of her:
I think she has the right looks for Emily (obviously the picture above isn't the best).

message 3: by Lavanya (new)

Lavanya Update 3:
Micheal Sheen has been added to the cast, and he will be playing the role of Aro. I'm really shocked, I never imagined Aro to look like Micheal Sheen. Who knows? Maybe he'll be good.

Read the following (pasted from
Sheen, 40, who made his name with uncannily realistic portrayals of well-known figures in Oscar-winning films The Queen, Frost/Nixon and The Damned United, will get his biggest pay cheque yet, a reported £5million, to star in New Moon.

In New Moon, Sheen will play Aro, the leader of an Italian vampire clan called the Volturi.

Director Chris Weitz confirmed Sheen’s casting to The Mail on Sunday and said he had ‘aggressively’ pursued the actor.

‘Michael’s role is so important because he’s the head of all vampires,’ he said. ‘Aro is, on the surface, a very gracious and friendly vampire, but beneath that he is a tremendous threat.’
Picture of Micheal Sheen:
This particular picture reminds me of a vampire. :)

Update 1.2:
And more pics from the set of New Moon:

Update: 4

Gianna's role (she is the receptionist-like person for the Volturi) has been given to Justine Wachsberger.
Here is a picture of her:

This information has not been verified, but on her IMDB it lists her as acting in New Moon as Gianna.

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Lavanya Update 5:

Read this:
So what's the Twilight deal on New Moon in Italy?

First let's start with what appeared in Variety back in February, that stated New Moon "will shoot in the ancient Tuscan city of Volterra in May for two weeks. In Stephenie Meyer's bestselling New Moon tome, Volterra is the town where the powerful Volturi vampire coven reside." A month later, a blog report hit the web from Italian film journalist Piera Detassis that strongly indicated that New Moon would be shot in the Italian town of Montepulciano instead of Volterra. Weeks later, reports surfaced that suggested New Moon would be filming in Montepulciano for only five days from May 25 to May 30, which Italian Twilight distributors denied. Still, headlines then appeared that pointed out how the denial didn't flat-out rule out Montepulciano as a location. Keep in mind, however, a month earlier in March, Italian Twilight distributors issued a statement that revealed no location was found for New Moon. And from start to finish, we still have Volterra and Montepulciano in play with shooting anywhere from two weeks to five days.

So what's the Twilight deal on New Moon in Italy? Aside from all of the confirmations, "will," "will not," denials, and daily retractions, nothing yet. The Italian location for New Moon hasn't officially been confirmed. Hopefully Chris Weitz and Summit can use a bit of both towns since Volterra is making a plea to not be cut out of the Twilight mix and Montepulciano isn't that far away.

After all of the hype about New Moon in Italy, what would be ironically bizarre is if the tower clock was actually filmed on a soundstage Vancouver.

Information obtained from:

So, as of right now, we don't know where it is going to filmed.

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Lavanya Update 6:
Twilight film crews were rolling cameras at David Thompson secondary in Vancouver Monday — and an insider tells The Vancouver Sun they’ll be back again Tuesday.

Vampire fans were craning their necks to catch glimpses of the Twilight stars at the high school on East 55th Ave.

It’s unclear which New Moon cast members were on location, but stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are currently filming the blockbuster sequel in Vancouver.


Awesome pic of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson together from the filiming:

message 6: by Lavanya (last edited Apr 12, 2009 01:07PM) (new)

I understand what you mean, but all my parental controls and security systems allow .

Allison, you go by, Twihard Fanpire? Didn't the Twilight community decide to go by Twilighters, instead? I think there was a Twilight Tuesday post about that a while ago.

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Lavanya Update 7:
- Jamie Campbell Bower will play Caius.
- Dakota Fanning will play Jane (this was released a while ago, but was still in the rumor stage. It's been confirmed now, though).
**I am not posting any pictures of these people; you can look them up if you want to.

message 8: by Lavanya (last edited Apr 12, 2009 01:03PM) (new)

Lavanya Autumn wrote: "Who's playing Marcus?"

It hasn't been released yet...
According to many sources, the Volturi are being cast last (obviously...everyone else has been cast), so we may not know for a few weeks. They'll have to decide by May though, because that's when the Italy scenes have been scheduled.

message 9: by Autumn, Judge and Founder (most active Fanpire) (new)

Autumn (abmort93) | 1596 comments Mod
Personally, I like Marcus. He isn't actually evil. He's just there, and bored. Plus his name is cool. I feel so sorry for him about his mate. And mad at Chelsea for making him stay.

Ally, it is not fair and you know it. I don't regret making you use your cheer terminology because I skip right over it. I think it's c*** and I don't care. I a fan and that's what counts.

message 10: by Lavanya (last edited Apr 13, 2009 03:34PM) (new)

Lavanya Autumn wrote: "Personally, I like Marcus. He isn't actually evil. He's just there, and bored. Plus his name is cool. I feel so sorry for him about his mate. And mad at Chelsea for making him stay.

Ally, i..."

Marcus is actually pretty decent. I get your point. Yes, I feel very bad about his mate. I cannot believe Aro killed his own sister, who is Marcus's mate. That's just ridiculous, and from then on, I've hated Aro.

And Allison, I'm really confused. I hardly understand what you are saying. Your style of English looks like a completely different language to me. Sorry, could you clarify what you mean?

message 11: by Lavanya (last edited Apr 15, 2009 05:47PM) (new)

Lavanya Update 8:

The Rest of the Volturi Members:
- Demetri = Charlie Bewley
- Felix = Daniel Cudmore
- Marcus = Christopher Heyerdahl (I am not too pleased with the selection. Hopefully, once he gets into his costume/makeup, he'll look like what I imagined Marcus to be. What do you think?)
- Alec = Cameron Bright
- Heidi = Noot Seer
- Harry Clearwater = Graham Greene

message 12: by Lavanya (last edited Apr 15, 2009 05:59PM) (new)

Lavanya Autumn wrote: "Wow. I love everyone EXCEPT who's playing Marcus. I imagined him with somewhat shaggy jet black hair. Not a curly haired pirate dude."

Exactly. I really can't imagine him as Marcus. I'm trying to find better pictures of him (I'm desperately trying to convince myself that the casting director did not make a mistake!).

They did a great job with Alec. Alec and Jane are brother and sister, and I can Cameron Bright and Dakota Fanning as brother and sister.

message 13: by Autumn, Judge and Founder (most active Fanpire) (last edited Apr 17, 2009 04:53PM) (new)

Autumn (abmort93) | 1596 comments Mod
I know this is your official job, Lavanya, but I have to spill something. Hey, check this video out! It is so funny!

In other news, I recieved info from a source today about a member of the pack. Tyson Houseman, the unknown who is Cree, went to McKay High School! In SALEM, OREGON! OREGON! OREGON! OREGON! WHA-YOO! Isn't that cool!?

message 14: by Lavanya (last edited Apr 18, 2009 01:10PM) (new)

Lavanya Update 9:

Carter Burwell has not been asked to do the movie music for New Moon. Instead, the director has asked Alexandre Desplat (who did the music for the Golden Compass) do it instead. Burwell doesn't know if they will use his "Bella's Lullaby theme" in this upcoming movie. I got this information from

Here are some pictures of New Moon party dresses for Bella's birthday party - images aren't very clear:

Video of Taylor Lautner on set:

New Moon preview from ET Video:

Lastly, Bella's house that will be used for New Moon - pictures and video included:

message 15: by Lavanya (new)

Lavanya Update 10:

Pictures and video from the Cullen's residence:

It's somewhat blurry though, and you cannot make out much.
And from

Jen (from, which is under construction) says:

We met kellan this afternoon and he confirmed this is the last night of filming [at the Cullen House:]. He leaves out tomorrow morning along with Esme and Dr. Cullen(Gozde: I think she means Peter Facinelli and Elizabeth Reaser :) ). Rob is leaving soon too (sounded like this weekend) and heading to london for 1 week before going to Italy to resume filming. (source)

Gozde: That is interesting. The shoots in Italy are at the end of May and it is highly unlikely that they are freezing production for a month. Maybe he is done with his scenes? Maybe they are taking the weekend off? Or maybe Kellan is trying to divert the attention so people won't set stalk?

message 16: by Lavanya (last edited Apr 21, 2009 10:53PM) (new)

Lavanya Update 11:

*Don't forget, ET is doing a New Moon preview on Thursday night, don't miss it.

Take a look at what's going on with the Wolves:

Slide show of pictures from the set (some really interesting pictures such as pool that is used for the Cliff Diving scene):

According to this source, they are filming the break up scene today...more information about the actors and pictures of them (at the bottom) are also in this article:

Cliff Diving Set pictures:

Current Status of Breaking Dawn as movie:

Lastly, if you are interested, Miss Emma Watson's take on Robert Pattinson's success:

message 17: by Lavanya (last edited Apr 24, 2009 10:48PM) (new)

Update 12:

ET's New Moon exclusive preview on Youtube (in case you missed the program today):
- Part 1:

- Part 2:

Tell me what you think of it. Kristen and Taylor are looking really awesome in this movie - I can't wait for it to come out.

Autumn, yes, there is definitely going to be more coming tomorrow. I'm glad we got to see a few scenes here and there; we have to keep in mind that they can't reveal everything, otherwise there won't be as many surprises. They'll keep leaving us on a cliffhanger, always wondering what's going to happen next.

Summit Entertainment has chosen the director for Eclipse as David Slade.
The following is an article about him from
Los Angeles, CA April 22, 2009 — Summit Entertainment announced today that David Slade has been hired to direct THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE from a screenplay written by Melissa Rosenberg. THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE, the third film in the studio’s TWILIGHT film franchise based on the Stephenie Meyer’s blockbuster book series, will be released theatrically in North America on Wednesday, June 30, 2010. The announcement was made by Erik Feig, Summit’s President of Production.

Meyer stated, “I am thrilled that David Slade will be directing ECLIPSE. He’s a visionary filmmaker who has so much to offer this franchise. From the beginning, we’ve been blessed with wonderful directorial talent for the Twilight Saga, and I’m so happy that ECLIPSE will be carrying on with that tradition.”

Feig said, “Stephenie Meyer’s ECLIPSE is a muscular, rich, vivid book and we at Summit looked long and hard for a director who could do it justice. We believe we have found that talent in David Slade, a director who has been able to create complex, visually arresting worlds. We cannot wait to see the ECLIPSE he brings to life and brings to the fans eagerly awaiting its arrival in summer of 2010.”

Filmmaker Slade came to prominence as a director for his work on 2006’s engrossing film HARD CANDY starring Academy Award® Nominated actress Ellen Page as well as directing 2007’s genre hit 30 DAYS OF NIGHT which opened to number one at the box office its first weekend of release.

In ECLIPSE, Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger as Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob — knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella is confronted with the most important decision of her life.


message 18: by Lavanya (last edited Apr 24, 2009 10:48PM) (new)

Update 13

Part one of the second day of New Moon previews from Entertainment News:

Part two of the second day of the New Moon previews from Entertainment News:

Tell me what you guys think, k?

I thought that they made a big deal out of all this and it wasn't anything we already didn't know!

message 19: by Lavanya (new)

Lavanya Autumn O'Shea Swan wrote: "I couldn't get it to work! Tell me what they showed!"

You can check it out by going to: and the videos are there, if you scroll down a bit.

message 20: by Lara, Editor Extrodinare (last edited Apr 27, 2009 08:59AM) (new)

Lara (laraswimm) | 599 comments Mod
So I found something and thought you might like to know.... There have been rumors that Stephanie Meyer is being sued... this is a web of lies.... Proof?? check it out...

my link text

Thought you might like to know....

message 21: by Lavanya (new)

Lavanya Yeah, so I know I haven't added many new updates, but much hasn't been happening (that I am aware of). I know for a fact that they haven't filmed the "Break-Up" scene in the forest, and both Rob and Kristen aren't looking forward to that. :(

message 22: by Lavanya (last edited May 17, 2009 08:05PM) (new)

Lavanya I've been looking for more updates, but right now things are pretty quiet.

Update 14:

I have found some pictures of the motorcycles that Bella will use according to Lainey's Gossip.

I'm excited to see her fall off these bikes!

message 23: by Lavanya (last edited May 17, 2009 08:07PM) (new)

Lavanya Update 15:
Rob's done filming in Vancouver. ITALY UP NEXT!

"Gossip Girl reports that Robert is done filming in Vancouver and will next be shooting in Italy next.

Back home for a break before resuming filming, Robert Pattinson had quite the action-packed stay while residing up in Vancouver for “New Moon”.

Aside from hopping back into his beloved role of Edward Cullen, the hunky “Twilight” stud enjoyed both a cast wrap party and a 23rd birthday celebration during the course of his time in Canada.

Finally finished up in Vancouver, Pattinson has since jetted back to LA, but will soon be shooting scenes in Italy - as everyone involved try to wrap things up in time for the much-anticipated November 20th release of “New Moon”." -

Article here:

The breakup scene has been filmed - according to some random source. Idk, though.

message 24: by Carrie, Game Designer (new)

Carrie (happycarrie) | 434 comments Mod
oooohhhw i cant wait too!! Those links are great, thanks to you all who put them up!!! :):) lol, no chance of me visiting the set though...unless they came to Ireland!! lol, which kinda would be prefect for it like never stops raining here!! Roll on November!! :):):)

btw..that scene you were talking about...she has to make it like that, the rest of the story while he's away is all about her longing for him (dont know if longing is the right word but you know what i mean!!) and if she was more dignified then it wouldnt show how much she loved him and was going to miss him the same way! Anyways...just my thoughts!! :)

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Lavanya Update 15:
Read this, it's good stuff!

Twilighters Italia have some pictures of the fountain being built in Montepulciano, as part of the New Moon set. Please use this link to view the pictures:

New Moon poster comes out TOMORROW - May 19th!
According to Summit the ‘New Moon’ poster will be shown tomorrow morning 7am EST. Stay tuned!

A New Moon Clip has been scheduled to be shown at the MTV Movie Awards...
E! Online gives us the inside Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will present a clip:

"I can exclusively reveal that footage from the Twilight sequel will be shown for the first time during the upcoming MTV Movie Awards,

And that’s not all—it gets better…

Awards show producer Mark Burnett says Patzz, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will hit the stage together to present the clip.

An action packed, minute-long clip from Twilight showing Edward battling badboy bloodsucker James (Cam Gigandet) made its debut at last year’s awards. It was also the first time Pattinson and Stewart walked a red carpet together in support of the movie." - E! Online
Information derived from:

And as always, this information comes from a valuable source: . I hope you found this update interesting, and I'll put the "special video-clip" up as soon as I can get my hands on it. It might be a few days after the movie awards...we'll see.

message 26: by Lavanya (new)

Lavanya Update 16:

Here is a high resolution picture of it:
*Click on the picture, and click on it again and you should be able to zoom in.

Key Things about this pic:
- Jacob is WIG LESS...yay, we get to see Taylor beautiful, lush hair.
- Edward, er Robert Pattinson, is looking hotter and more vampire like than ever...and oh, so-sad! :(
- Kristen is looking so beautiful - her outfit is perfect for the picture's background, and her hair is unbelievably gorgeous and Bella like.
- Her hands are gently brushing Taylor's ginormous muscle, and notice that Taylor's hand is in a fist to show off his muscle more (hence, he is contracting the muscle by making a fist...).
- Is that eclipse in the background, that I see? Foreshadowing for the next installment already?

Tell me what you guys think of this poster.

message 27: by Carrie, Game Designer (new)

Carrie (happycarrie) | 434 comments Mod
He is really cute with out it actually!!

OMSJ (<-- first time I said that!!) So after recently getting the soundtrack, Ive also got the birthday CD which Edward gave Bella for her birthday and one the songs on it is the verison of Bella's Lullaby that is just the piano, no other instruments! OMSJOMSJOMSJ is it possible to be in love with a song??? I think I am!! :) ohw and Esme's Favourite is also on it unaccompanied and it's so much nicer plainer!! :):):)

message 28: by Carrie, Game Designer (new)

Carrie (happycarrie) | 434 comments Mod
Lol, yea heres the website i got it on...i just bought the mp3 files though (first time ive done that!!) :)

If your only getting the mp3 files it prob shouldn't matter that it and not .com!! :):)

message 29: by Lavanya (last edited May 26, 2009 10:53PM) (new)

Lavanya Update 17:

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Kissing in New Moon

Italy Set Getting Ready for Rpattz

Italian Extras Getting Ready for Rpattz

"We’ve some pictures to share about the extras that were roaming Montepulciano today.Each one of them was clad in red. Hoods, robes, t-shirt,caps…everything was red!

They couldn't really say anything because the producers have told them that if they were caught they would be expelled from the set and nobody wants to
lose the chance to be in the movie.

It’s said that this afternoon there was a little commotion and they think Robert Pattinson was there, but nobody would say that plainly.

There are no pictures of him at the airport because he went out through a side exit allowed to the airport staff only.

Today the porsche crew finished working and, from what we understood, tomorrow Robert Pattinson himself will shoot some scene, maybe something related to Edward’s desperation before the Volturi’s verdict."

~ Twilighters Italia

Yes, so the Italy scene is going to be filmed real soon. Meanwhile, have any of you heard of the rumors of people that are going to be featured on the New Moon Soundtrack? Like Kelly Clarkson, or the Jonas Brothers? It's pretty insane - I just hope they keep it like the previous album, all alternative and rock.

message 30: by Lavanya (new)

Lavanya I kinda like them too, but it's just not New Moon...I mean it's going to be so weird! Twilight Soundtrack was all alternative and rock, and it was so popular. It's been on the Top Ten Albums list on itunes since it came out - yeah, that's right, every single week it's been up there. Now, if they did Jonas Brother stuff on the album, it's not going to be as popular, and it's not going to target the older Twilight Saga audience.

message 31: by Lavanya (last edited May 26, 2009 08:51PM) (new)

Lavanya Update 18:

THIS IS AWESOME - check it out!
New Moon Set Videos of Alice's Porche - she is driving it (or her stunt double...)!!!

and this one

...they are both extremely short - but hey, it's a miracle we can even get our hands on this stuff!

New Moon Pics from Set: - Bella in her party clothes with the director (I think...) in the shot...
Isn't she just gorgeous? - Laurent "talks" to Bella before attacking her. So awesomeness!

And again (I'm not sure if I posted this up in my updates but...) - Edward kisses Bella (for the "last time"?!) - Robert in Italy - Kristen in Italy (even when she isn't posing, she's gorgeous!)

Lastly, keep in mind we are going to have a special New Moon preview clip that'll be revealed at the MTV Movie Awards - I'll post the videos up as soon as they come out.

message 32: by Lavanya (last edited May 27, 2009 08:43PM) (new)

Lavanya Update 19:

THE AWESOMEST UPDATE EVER! Sexy Rpattz pics from the New Moon Scene: Bella stops Edward from stepping into the sunlight!!!! HOTNESS ALERT

This took a lot of searching to find...but here is a treat for y'all! Please, please, please, please check this out. You won't be disappointed!

Tons of great pictures of the scene where Bella runs to Edward and stops him from walking out into the sun (not wearing a shirt)and kisses him like crazy! here: - Go through the slideshow, there should be about 56 pictures. Go through all of them, the ones at the end are really great and worth it too!

*Note: The black dots on RPattz help the CGI produce sparkles on him, and make him glitter...slightly (they are not all over him cause he's not in the sun..thankfully!)

Couple pictures focusing on RPattz's six pack ;)

Similar pictures as the first link:

Again a few (not very many) pictures like the first link:

Lastly, same scene, but this link has a couple different pictures of the scene:

~(PierceTheVeil)~ (piercetheveil) | 3 comments hey you guys! In case you haven't seen it yet, there's a video of the kiss scene with bella and edward from new moon. The one where she's stopping him from walking into the sunlight...
The link is:
(long I know) It's a really awesome thing where they got all the pictures and put them together in order to make out the entire scene. It's REALLY cool and I don't even like Edward.
You guys should go check that out...

~(PierceTheVeil)~ (piercetheveil) | 3 comments ur welcome :-) I saw it on
They're a REALLY great site for ALL twilight related news. Seriously, like one time, they had pictures of Rob and Kristen's lunch in Italy posted while they were STILL eating!
You guys should check that website out, they're really thorough.

message 35: by Carrie, Game Designer (new)

Carrie (happycarrie) | 434 comments Mod
Ok guys you all MUST read this!! It is fanfiction but it is very like SM own style of writting...I just finished it and it was brilliant!! :):):)

Let me know what you all think?!? :):):)

message 36: by Lavanya (last edited May 29, 2009 05:44PM) (new)

Lavanya Update 20:
ETOnline! has a 15 second preview trailer from New Moon of the full trailer/preview that will be shown on Sunday at the MTV awards:

It's really short...but it's an interesting preview of the preview that will be shown on the 31st. Stay tuned for the post of that video.

message 37: by Lavanya (last edited May 31, 2009 09:18PM) (new)




~(PierceTheVeil)~ (piercetheveil) | 3 comments It was all good except for the retarded wolf...
can't wait until they put in the REAL CGR because that looked pretty funny :-)
And Edward was a bit scary... all in all, not the best trailer, but i still am spazzing for the movie.
I swear, the best thing about that video was shirtless Jacob... *hyperventilates *

message 39: by Lavanya (new)

Lavanya Update 20:

Pictures of Volturi's headquarters/castle place from New Moon Set:

MTV has a few interviews with the New Moon cast, but nothing major has surfaced the internet.

message 40: by Lavanya (last edited Jun 21, 2009 03:07PM) (new)

Lavanya Thanks, Carrie. I'm sorry I haven't been on here for a while. But there isn't anything big except an open casting call for Eclipse Leah and Seth.
LOL - that's big! Except, I'm not sure if anyone on the group is Native American.

message 41: by Carrie, Game Designer (new)

Carrie (happycarrie) | 434 comments Mod
Ok so just got a new game!! Yeay!! Slightly more complicated but really easy once you got the hang of it!! (plus we all pretty smart chicks here so should be no bother!!) ;) This one can be quite funny!! :):):)

message 42: by Lavanya (last edited Sep 10, 2009 09:49PM) (new)

Lavanya Okay so the VMAs are coming up on September 13th (dang I wish I was a mod again!) and the Twilight Saga cast (as they are so fondly called now...) will be showing an extended never-before-scene trailer at the show. So, totally check it out. Once it comes out, I'll put the videos here for you to watch. And also, the show is just spectacular because we have some of today's really amazing artists out there - and Taylor Swift will be performing at the VMAs for the first time! :)

message 43: by Lavanya (new)

Lavanya Update 22: Meet Jacob Black (Trailer)

So this came out a while ago, but I never posted it watch it; it's really amazing! :)

message 44: by Lavanya (new)


If you wait on the link then you'll be able to see the awesome new single from the New Moon soundtrack called Meet Me on the Equinox by Death Cab for Cutie.

message 45: by Autumn, Judge and Founder (most active Fanpire) (new)

Autumn (abmort93) | 1596 comments Mod
OMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She'd backkkkkkkk!!!!!!Edwardddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 46: by [deleted user] (new)

LOVE TI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 47: by Lavanya (new)

Lavanya So what'd you think of the trailer, and the new single from the soundtrack? Sound off below, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

Well the new song was a disspointment. BUT the trailer was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

message 49: by Autumn, Judge and Founder (most active Fanpire) (new)

Autumn (abmort93) | 1596 comments Mod
*does high pitch fan scream* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *faints*

message 50: by Lavanya (new)

Lavanya I fell in love with the trailer too...but I'm not too thrilled about Death Cab's song as the official single.

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