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message 2: by Meredith (new)

Meredith | 3 comments While I did enjoy Ms. Houghteling's prose, the plot has several large gaps. I felt she glazed over the French Jewish people's experiences during and after German-occupied Paris during World war II to focus soley on how the Nazis raided Paris' art collections, both public and private, and the problems that arose trying to restore those stolen art works.

Certainly poignant, I still wanted more information and interaction between the central characters the author created. She sets up these characters and then jumps 30 years into the future without explaining how the characters arrived to where she later placed them.

Ms. Houghteling's meticulous research into the art world and its plunder during World War II is fasctinating, but one is better off watching the documentary "The Rape of Europa", since the fictional parts of her novel leave the reader wanting more.

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