Bread and Jam for Frances Bread and Jam for Frances discussion

Loved reading this aloud to kids! : )

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message 1: by Genie (new)

Genie The particular copy that I read for this course was from 1993, but I remember reading this
story as a child, and Frances was one of my favorite book characters. I love the songs
that she sings (mostly to herself) and the chants that she sings while jumping rope. My
favorite is “jam on bread, jam on toast, jam’s the thing that I like most, blackberry, strawberry, gooseberry, I’m very fond of jam!”—I love to read this with the cadence of
jumping rope (and my kindergarten classes loved it too!). Fun!! And what kid doesn’t
have a favorite food that surpasses all others—they can definitely relate.

message 2: by Annalisa (new)

Annalisa I love this book! Thanks for the memories. I wonder if my mom still has this book around somewhere...

Lena This is a great book! I loved it as a child, and now my son loves it.A Bargain for Frances Book and Tape is also cute. There are a bunch of them, but I think i've only read these two.

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