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Why are everyone talking about Wild Cards?

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Ivan There must be some mistake, almost all reviews of this book are refereing to it as a part of the wild cards series. I have read both.. And they're not even remotly connected.. Don't get it..

Meril Belatedly, because nobody with librarian privileges had read "Dying of the Light" yet and noticed a bad book combine...it's fixed now.

message 3: by Red (last edited Jun 10, 2011 10:17AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Red Haircrow The Dying of the Light, was actually one of my favorite books by George R.R. Martin. The opening paragraphs just really grabbed my attention both narratively and visually.

"Out in a distant galaxy, in a remote part of space rarely frequented by most of mankind, is a planet, a wandering rogue planet by the name of Worlorn. At
one time it had been the center of much activity, bustling with people from all over the star system...but now it was dying.

For this planet, this Worlorn was indeed a wanderer whose path had formerly took it past some of the most interesting areas in its solar system, yet now its ellipsical path led inexorably into perpetual winter into the most distant reaches from the sun and the darkness of interstellar space.

Once its markets and cities had been showplaces where the universe had docked but now its buildings lay abandoned, its silken banners of announcement had no wind to fly them, and only a few scientists and misfits remained."

A steady build of pace combined with a distinct emotional impact.

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