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message 1: by TK (new)

TK (talbiedoodle) Hi Erica! I'm Talbie. I totally LOVE the twilight book! I've read the book 20 times and I'm still reading them! I've never really like reading but once I started reading the twilight saga I now read around 8 hours a day!

message 2: by Posie (new)

Posie (posierose102) hey guys! i'm Posie, and like the topic says-- i'm not totally obsessed with twlight, but I do think that they are ok. the only problem i have with it is that I don't think that Bella was present enough in the fights until the fourth book. I just think that there was mostly just Edward swooping in and saving her... does anyone else agree? bye! :) p.s. i'm really excited i joined this group!

message 3: by Jaci (new)

Jaci | 2 comments I'm Jaci, I read whenever I have a spare moment. I'm new to goodreads, and I've actually never read a twilight book or seen the movies(not into movies or tv really.) I know it's something about a vampire and a girl,(I saw a preview on tv once a long time ago and they were jumping around in the woods or something.)My big sis has all of them and loves them. She was really upset when the last one wasn't published or something. Anyway, I'm going to start them in a few days when I finish the books I'm on. I'm sure I'll like them, I like all the books my sis lends to me.

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