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Any new moon news... just post onto here .

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duz any1 knw hw to put pics in on discussion boards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ace (acecombat94) | 54 comments um you have to be a photobucket member apparently, im not sure lol but thats what i got told :P but u can jus put the link :P lol

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yeah kk
i will
well hav funn looking at these!!

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The producer of New Moon has kept the new actors' names a secret for the sequel to Twilight.

However, as the filming of New Moon has started up some of the actor's names have been leaked. According to MTV some of the chosen actors are:

Jamie Campbell-Bower como Caius
Dakota Fanning como Jane
Bronson Pelletier como Jared
Alex Meraz como Paul
Chaske Spencer como Lakota
Kiowa Gordon como Hualapai
Tinsel Korey como Emily
Tyson Houseman como Quill
Noot Seear sería Heidi

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okay this guy is caius ... ugh !

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Ace (acecombat94) | 54 comments man in the first website the actor that plays carlise was like holding on to that lady! haha

but they were cool pics :D

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haha thanx

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Ace (acecombat94) | 54 comments all goods :P they were all cool :P

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Ace (acecombat94) | 54 comments :D all goods :P

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i'll tryin hunt sum more owt.

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Yeah have u seen all the new pic of the V peoples Ugh i am mad because there were surpsed to wear black robs but none of them do!

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